Speak Your Mind 193 #961-965


1. Do you have any moles?

2. If you could go to a concert tonight, who would you like to see?

3. Should a five year old be spanked for wetting the bed?

4. Which would you rather buy: a shirt or some shoes?

5. What is your favorite Christmas song?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. No, not on my body or in my yard.

2. Well, I likely wouldn’t but Jukebox the Ghost would be cool, or if we’re going crazy I would go back in time and see the Beatles.

3. That depends on the understanding of the five year old and the amount of times he’s wet the bed.

4. That depends on what I need most at the moment.

5. Like, White Christmas probably, I’m not that into any Christmas songs.

Speak Your Mind 189 #941-945


1. Do you think the set up in your state for getting driver’s licenses is good?

2. Are you a lucky person?

3. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

4. Do you think teachers should talk to parents with the students present?

5. Do you think window shades are needed in houses?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. I have no idea, I don’t have and don’t want a license.

2. No, but I’m not unlucky.

3. I own one pair of shoes.

4. That depends on what they’re talking about.

5. Yes, I’m not even sure windows are necessary.

Speak Your Mind 177 #881-885


1. Are you as tall as your grandmother?

2. What color do you think goes best with green?

3. What do you most like about zoos?

4. Which do you like best: slip-on shoes to tie shoes?

5. Do you think you will ever use a computer after high school?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. I believe I am taller than both of my grandmothers were.

2. Blue probably.

3. Being able to see animals I’d never see otherwise.

4. Slip-ons all the way baby.

5. I have been for two years now so…

Speak Your Mind 131 #651-655


1. Why do you think many families quit living with their extended families (grandparents, etc.)?

2. What is something that has nothing to do with you but has made you sad?

3. How many letters are there in your last name?

4. Have you ever flown in a plane?

5. Do you own any shoes that are not comfortable?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Because both sides have things they want to do that don’t involve each other, and places they specifically want to visit or live.

2. The state of the world.

3. There are 5 letters.

4. Yes, and I never want to again.

5. No, both of my pairs of shoes are comfortable.

Speak Your Mind 125 #621-625


1. Why do you thing Indians made shoes instead of just going barefoot?

2. Do you like large earrings?

3. Do you think life was less fulfilling in the days before TV?

4. Have you ever played in a softball game

5. What color do you think an umbrella should be?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith.

1. Because some things on the ground hurt.

2. No, I very much dislike them.

3. No, though I’m not sure if it’s gotten less fulfilling.

4. No, I know those ball aren’t soft.

5. Just plain black, it’s nice and simple.