Speak Your Mind 177 #881-885


1. Are you as tall as your grandmother?

2. What color do you think goes best with green?

3. What do you most like about zoos?

4. Which do you like best: slip-on shoes to tie shoes?

5. Do you think you will ever use a computer after high school?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. I believe I am taller than both of my grandmothers were.

2. Blue probably.

3. Being able to see animals I’d never see otherwise.

4. Slip-ons all the way baby.

5. I have been for two years now so…

Speak Your Mind 163 #811-815


1. What is a good age for girls to get married?

2. Have you ever worn a wig?

3. How tall is your father?

4. Do you think American women should shave their legs and arm pits?

5. In what ways do you think rich people are different from other people?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Whenever they want to.

2. No, I haven’t.

3. About 5’6″ now down from almost 6′.

4. I’d prefer it, but they shouldn’t have to.

5. They are rich, they suffer fewer, or can absorb larger consequences than others.


Speak Your Mind 92 #456-460


1. Do you have an oily scalp?

2. What is one thing you could do to get along better with your friends?

3. have you ever seen a sunflower with the seeds still in it?

4. What are some things your family does together?

5. How tall is your father?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Not really, my skin is very dry.

2. Not makes jokes about not caring about what they say.

3. No, I never have strangely enough.

4. Play games, eat, watch TV.

5. About 5′ 6″

Speak Your Mind 68 #336-340


1. Are most people in your family tall or short?

2. Do you get to spend as much time working on a computers as you would like to?

3. Do you think people should always say what they think?

4. Do you think you are old enough to date?

5. What is your favorite thing to have for breakfast?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Most of them are medium height or on the taller side.

2. Sure, I guess, perhaps not sometimes.

3. If they are going to say something, yes.

4. I think I’ve been old enough to date for a while now.

5. Nothing, I rarely eat breakfast.