A Second Tie Sampler (With Designer Thoughts)

Since the last one was such a success… Here are more ties with designer thoughts.


This one has some very strange neon cats and toys with a teal background.


“Oh, these splotches of paint I just dripped look like cats, guys check this out, we gotta do something with this!”


Here’s a Tabasco one, with standard sea food and tabacso logos floating through ribbons of color.


“I have to do a colorful tie now. What do people eat with hot sauce, oh yeah, fish and stuff… I have no idea what I’ll do tomorrow, but for today the tie has seafood.”


Now we have Mickey Mouse… playing golf… in what is apparently hell and the Matrix.


“Another Mickey tie! I can’t do this anymore! What am I even… Oh I have a game on Saturday, I’ll have Mickey playing golf! at least then I can pretend my job is better than it is and I’m playing golf.” 


Here are some people watching a tennis game.


“Man TV is so boring. All there is to watch is tennis… tennis, tennis, tennis… oh, I’ve accidentally made a tie.”


Dis one got money, da Grants and da Benjamin’s


“Ha money, money, money, I have so much money, my tie is made out of money. I bet other people would want to pretend to be like me.” 


And finally, one with Abrams tanks, no I’m not wearing it.


“You’ve heard of tank tops, now let me show you tank ties… God, I need sleep!”

A Tie Sampler (With Designer Thoughts)

I have a lot of ties, I mean a lot. I have, like, an eccentric schoolteacher number of ties. And the number keeps growing, and growing. I think on average I get a couple each week, although that is an average from getting none for quite a few weeks and then buying many of them when I get the chance and they have good ties at the local vintage stores.

I never really thought about it much, but it seems that I do have quite a few, and I enjoy the more wacky ties. So I thought why not share them with you on the internet. (it wasn’t actually my idea, but I liked it) And as a bonus, we’ll get a look inside the designers heads.


First we have a kind of strange tie depicting Winnie the Pooh and a butterfly.

What was going through the designers head: Winnie is a bear right? Bears live in nature right? Butterflies also come from nature. I Just finished my tie design six hours early.

Then we have this one, made up entirely of french posters partially covering each other.

What the designer was thinking: Man, my poster collection is so cool. If I scanned one in and overlapped it like a collage I’m sure it would be a hit in every market.

I think this is my favorite, it’s just a toothbrush and toothpaste. With the toothpaste being three-dimentional.

What was going on in the designers head:  Crap, isn’t it such a coincidence that I got toothpaste on my tie that looks like it got toothpaste on it. If only the toothpaste had looked more real in the first place, then maybe this wouldn’t be a problem. Wait, I’ve got it.

Next we have an uncomfortably close picture of marvin the Martian, made exclusively for six flags.

What was going through the designers head: Humph, why do I get stuck with making the marvin tie? I’ll show them. I’ll make it almost unrecognizable.

Finally we have one covered in various writing implements and school supplies.

What was going on in the designers head: This tape we make for classrooms is great, I wonder what else we can make with this. Steve runs a silk factory, I bet he’ll know!