‘”We (I) are a set of independent video game/comic book/movie/any other geeky pop culture thing that you can think of reviewers. comic book/strip writers and designers, screen play and script writers, and actors just to start with. our <sic> ultimate goal to RULE THE WORL…. INTERNET!”

Is what the about page on Webs.com said about me. And, while it is accurate (it also set the precedent for me having jokes in parenthesis) I feel I must update it. I am really the only one in the company now, most others having quit because their <sic> lazy, or only help periodically. I also don’t really do reviews anymore, I would if I had the equipment (working). I now do everything instead of review it, from comics to vlogs to movies to anything else that can be posted on the internet. I’m from the internet, and I contribute what I can to it.’

Above are two sets of previous about pages for you to view. Though neither of them particularly hold true they are important and I feel the need to keep them. I am not really a company of one man, though it feels like it sometimes. There are many people to help me. Though most of them never have a direct hand in my work it couldn’t be done without them. Of course none of this is telling you about the site you are on. It is my work mostly: comics, stories, articles, reviews, and other such things. I will start the story of the company below, but I would encourage you to enjoy the site first.

Dragon Arts, Tangibles, and Technology started out in 2005 when a pre-teen me started “Dragon Productions” with a friend. This production company was supposed to be for my films, which didn’t even start being made until around 2007. From 2007 to 2009 I made stop-motion films, mostly by myself. During this time I started using “Dragon Company” as my name and renamed the films branch of said company that didn’t exist.

I branched out into other videos in 2009 through 2011. And at the start of 2012 I began posting one comic a day for various strips. Articles and other online content followed. In 2013, after 600 comics and 50 or so articles and such, the company listed above was registered. We here shorten it to “Dragon Company” or “Dragon Co.” This site is dedicated to the content produced by that company which currently includes; Comics, Articles, Reviews, Videos, Short Films, Music, and almost Every other kind of content produced on the internet.

Physical Products such as Books, and Board games coming shortly.


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