Table Topics Family 9 #17-18


1. If you could attend any sporting event which would you choose?

2. What would you do for fun if you had to give up TV and electronic games?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. I don’t really like sports, so baseball I guess.

2. I would just play the ton of board games I play anyway. That’s a benefit of having them.

Speak Your Mind 130 #646-650


1. Does it bother you to read things written with colored ink?

2. Do you make popcorn very often?

3. Can you think of something you would like to see a T.V. show about?

4. Do you like to go to family reunions?

5. Do you think sports should be played in school?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Only if it’s very hard to read.

2. No, not really, I should make it more often.

3. Not that isn’t already on air or was.

4. Not, really, I prefer my family in smaller servings/

5. Only if they don’t make me play any of them.


Speak Your Mind 129 #641-645


1. Have you ever seen a show on T.V. that you do not think should be on T.V.?

2. Do you like to go to plays?

3. Have you ever snow skied?

4. In what ways do you think dogs are like people?

5. Why do you think girl scouts and boy scouts wear uniforms?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Yes, that majority of shows on T.V. now.

2. Not particularly.

3. No, and I have no want to.

4. In uncountably many and uncountably few ways.

5. To identify them, and to give them a unifying feature.

Speak Your Mind 125 #621-625


1. Why do you thing Indians made shoes instead of just going barefoot?

2. Do you like large earrings?

3. Do you think life was less fulfilling in the days before TV?

4. Have you ever played in a softball game

5. What color do you think an umbrella should be?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith.

1. Because some things on the ground hurt.

2. No, I very much dislike them.

3. No, though I’m not sure if it’s gotten less fulfilling.

4. No, I know those ball aren’t soft.

5. Just plain black, it’s nice and simple.

Speak Your Mind 122 #606-610


1. Do you think it is a good idea to own a mink coat?

2. Do you think tennis shoes should be 3-colored?

3. How old were you when you quit believing in the Easter Bunny?

4. Have you ever watched the Olympics on T.V.?

5. How tall is you mother?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. I personally don’t like the texture of mink, so no.

2. I don’t care what color tennis shoes are.

3. I never believed in the Easter Bunny.

4. Yes, but only when I was bowling.

5. Between 5’1″ and 5’2″