Speak Your Mind 198 #986-990


1. Do you think life was less fulfilling in the days before nation-wide newspapers were available?

2. What are you going to do this (next) summer?

3. Did you like Teddy Bears when you were a child?

4. Why do you think Indians did not use guns to hunt?

5. What is the most interesting thing you learned in school this week?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Again it depends on what fulfilling means to you, but I would say no.

2. I will be moving and broadening my company.

3. Yes, I had a few.

4. Because they did not have the technology to do so, or they didn’t adapt their hunting techniques when guns were brought over.

5. I am no longer in school.

Speak Your Mind 142 #706-710


1. Should people be able to eat in restaurants without shoes?

2. Do you have many fillings in your mouth?

3. Do you drink a lot of milk?

4. Do you think nail polish looks nice on a girls toe-nails?

5. Why do you think indians often wore very little?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Not unless they’re babies.

2. A few, but I wouldn’t say many.

3. No, I drink almost no milk.

4. No, I don’t like nail polish.

5. Because they were in warmer climates, with worse materials and had fewer clothes-making tools.

Speak Your Mind 125 #621-625


1. Why do you thing Indians made shoes instead of just going barefoot?

2. Do you like large earrings?

3. Do you think life was less fulfilling in the days before TV?

4. Have you ever played in a softball game

5. What color do you think an umbrella should be?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith.

1. Because some things on the ground hurt.

2. No, I very much dislike them.

3. No, though I’m not sure if it’s gotten less fulfilling.

4. No, I know those ball aren’t soft.

5. Just plain black, it’s nice and simple.

Speak Your Mind 114 #566-570


1. How old do you think your principal is?

2. Why do you think indians wore feathers?

3. Do you like exercise?

4. What is one way you think the world will be different in 100 years?

5. Have you ever been playing an outside sport when the sun started to go down and you couldn’t see well?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. I no longer have a principal.

2. Because they symbolized powerful animals that gave life from their flesh or were great hunters.

3. Sometimes, not in copious amounts.

4. Technology will be through the roof, as in computers.

5. That happens all the time, though I’m not sure I was playing a “sport” or not.