Table Topics Chit Chat 21 #41-42


1. What animal would you love to have as a pet?

2. If you could afford something amazing for your best friend what would it be?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. A pigmy marmoset, or a squirrel. Neither would be pleasant I think, but they’d be cool to show off.

2. I don’t really have a best friend, so I’d probably ask a few of my friends what they’d want in the almost amazing range and give them that. I don’t know exactly what they would want, so I won’t try to guess.

Table Topics Chit Chat 11 #21-22


1. Which childhood friend would you like to reconnect with?

2. Would you rather sing, paint, write, or sew?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Not many, I am still connected to most of them that I’d like to talk to. Maybe one person who moved when I was in middle school and I never found out where. But in general they’re out living their lives, and I have difficulty keeping track of what I currently do, if they actually wanted to talk to me they’d find and talk to me.

2. Write, definitely as indicated by things like this blog, though I can write pretty well if I do say so myself, followed by paint.

Table Topics Family 66 #131-132


1. Which school subject will be the most important for your life?

2. If there were no kids your age to play with would you rather hang out with older or younger kids?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. If I have any say at all history will be. But math and biology were pretty cool too.

2. This question is not aimed at people my age obviously. And at my current age both younger (but not too much so) and older (preferably more so) people are fun to hang out with.

Table Topics Family 40 #79-80


1. How are you like your mother and how are you like your father?

2. What are the qualities you look for in friends?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. How I’m not like either would be a much shorter list, and even then I could list far too many things to make this at all interesting. I’m going to have to cheat on this one and maybe come back to it at a later time.

2. Higher than I can find apparently. (the answer is too many to list)