Blog 10-16-15

(I really wanted this to be on 15-15 but alas)

Okay guys, quick couple of updates.

  1. No Wednesday extra thing obviously, and maybe not next week either, I have to take a trip soon and I’m working on several large projects with a deadline of next month so I’m a bit swamped right at the moment, but I will try and get one done.
  2. That art show I mentioned before that I will be in has been postponed. More information will be coming, but not as soon as I’d hoped.

And that’s it for now.


Speak Your Mind 50 #246-250


1.Did your family take a vacation this year?

2. Do you have trouble sleeping if you eat to much?

3. Which professional football team do you like the best?

4. Do you prefer tie shoes or slip-on shoes?

5.What did you wear to school yesterday?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Only a week long trip, and it wasn’t my whole family.

2. No, I sleep the same under any circumstance almost.

3. I don’t watch football.

4. Slip-ons all the way.

5. I didn’t go to school yesterday.