Table Topics Chit Chat 11 #21-22


1. Which childhood friend would you like to reconnect with?

2. Would you rather sing, paint, write, or sew?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Not many, I am still connected to most of them that I’d like to talk to. Maybe one person who moved when I was in middle school and I never found out where. But in general they’re out living their lives, and I have difficulty keeping track of what I currently do, if they actually wanted to talk to me they’d find and talk to me.

2. Write, definitely as indicated by things like this blog, though I can write pretty well if I do say so myself, followed by paint.

So… My Internet Went Down

Several nights ago I was uploading some comics to the internet. Then suddenly, (dramatic music) the internet stopped working. Just dead stopped with no indication as to why. I was suddenly alone in the world. And as I desperately tried to reconnect to the internet to upload those comics I found my self wondering if I really wanted it to come back up. Did I really want to have the ever-present internet available again? I wasn’t sure. I sat back for a moment and wondered what my life would be like without the annoyances of the internet. After a few moments of thinking I realized how stupid said thoughts were and went back to trying to reconnect my internet.