Speak Your Mind 174 #866-870


1. Does your mother work away from home?

2. What is your favorite magazine?

3. How far do you live from school?

4. Do you like christmas lights that blink.

5.Do you like it when your parents come to school for ball games?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Yes technically, though she does a lot of work from home.

2. Probably “Wargames Illustrated”

3. I used to live a mile or so when I went to school.

4. No, I’m not that fond of regular christmas lights either.

5. My parents never did so I can’t say.


So… My Internet Went Down

Several nights ago I was uploading some comics to the internet. Then suddenly, (dramatic music) the internet stopped working. Just dead stopped with no indication as to why. I was suddenly alone in the world. And as I desperately tried to reconnect to the internet to upload those comics I found my self wondering if I really wanted it to come back up. Did I really want to have the ever-present internet available again? I wasn’t sure. I sat back for a moment and wondered what my life would be like without the annoyances of the internet. After a few moments of thinking I realized how stupid said thoughts were and went back to trying to reconnect my internet.