Speak Your Mind 107 #531-535


1. Why do you think people are mean to other people?

2. Do you like it when your parents sit and talk with you and your friends?

3. Do you think it would have been fun to live in the pioneer days?

4. Do you know how to do a cartwheel?

5. Do you ride in a cab very often?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Because they can get something out of it.

2. Sometimes, depends on what were talking about.

3. No, why would I?

4. I know the procedure, but no I don’t think I could do one.

5. I have never ridden in a cab

Speak Your Mind 83 #411-415


1. How do you think life was different in the pioneer days when there were no furnaces and no running water?

2. How do you think human feet were different before shoes were created?

3. Haver you ever seen a bird’s nest with baby birds in it?

4. Do you think it is O.K. to lie sometimes?

5. What is (was) your mother’s maiden name?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. There was no way to heat yourself and bathing was difficult, it sucked.

2. Probably more tough and callus-y.

3. Yes, several, unfortunately one of them was on the ground and we had no way of putting it back up.

4. No, I really don’t, it’s okay to not say everything, or to say you won’t tell, but I don’t like lying.


Speak Your Mind 53 #261-265


1. Do you like to wear earrings?

2. Do you think drugs would have gotten out of hand if life had stayed simple like to pioneer days?

3. Have you ever been in a car accident?

4. Would you rather eat cheddar or Colby cheese?

5. What color car(s) does your family drive?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1.  Being male, no.

2. Drugs were out of hand in the pioneer days. Opium, tobacco and  marijuana were unregulated and cheap. If anything drugs have gotten more under control in the last few centuries. So now that legalization seems like regression doesn’t it?

3. Fortunately no, and since I don’t drive I hope my chances are slimming.

4. I would rather eat cheddar.

5. In list form: green, white, silver, and blue.