Table Topics Family 37 #73-74


1. Where would you go if you were going to run away from home?

2. When is it okay to lie?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. I mean, I’ve moved out already, so I’ll just go the extra mile and say I’d try to get to Africa somewhere, since no where in the U.S. would really be better, I guess I’d have to go for something different.

2. If you or another person (people) would be harmed directly for unjust reasons given you tell the truth.

Speak Your Mind 83 #411-415


1. How do you think life was different in the pioneer days when there were no furnaces and no running water?

2. How do you think human feet were different before shoes were created?

3. Haver you ever seen a bird’s nest with baby birds in it?

4. Do you think it is O.K. to lie sometimes?

5. What is (was) your mother’s maiden name?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. There was no way to heat yourself and bathing was difficult, it sucked.

2. Probably more tough and callus-y.

3. Yes, several, unfortunately one of them was on the ground and we had no way of putting it back up.

4. No, I really don’t, it’s okay to not say everything, or to say you won’t tell, but I don’t like lying.


Lying to people who trust too much.

This is going to be short, but I can’t think about anything else right now. This is making me feel so… such and unquantifiable feeling.

About a week ago I saw the worst fake documentary in history, Mermaids: the body found. It was on the discovery channel at some ungodly hour (after some investigating I found it first aired on animal planet). The thing was proposing the idea that mermaids were still around, blah, blah, blah. I thought it was like those other discovery shows that use the thinnest evidence to support the most outrageous conclusion that could possibly be drawn, and I am used to those, it is interesting to hear what little evidence they have to offer. And so I watched, just watched, casually thinking it was some lame program, and then this happened.

I am not joking, this is in the documentary. And yes it is purposely blurred in an attempt to distract from the fact that it does actually look that fake. I should mention that this comes at the end of the most professional looking “cell-phone” video of all time. By that of course I mean the most fake. The entire thing is obviously fake, and is completely unnecessary to the documentary. I mean they could have just done what all other Discovery shows do and just show people talking, but no, they had to show this.

Now, why do I hate this so much? I mean, I wouldn’t blame you if you were saying “so what if the creators want to show off a little crappy CGI, what’s so bad about that?”. I’ll tell you, because people will believe it. I don’t care how crappy or fake it looks and is, people from now on will be saying “no man, mermaids are real, I saw it on the Discovery channel, they had a video and everything”. Some people really are that gullible/stupid. And they could have done without it entirely, it’s irresponsible of the creators and the Discovery channel to show this obviously fake video and claim it’s real. Because someone will believe it. And while it’s not alright that they did that, they still went further. If you went to check on the story’s credibility and found the website that supposedly belonged to one of the people interviewed in said documentary you found this.

Yes, that is a very fake Homeland Security seizure. And let’s thank the officers seizing it for providing us with the very specific badge that says “Special Agent”, even though no agents are actually there. Of course we all know that “a” United Stares District Court is the most trusted U.S. District Court there is.

I hate this! It is, like the video, obviously fake, but if looked at from far enough away appears to be real. And since it aired on both the Discovery channel and Animal Planet people will believe it. They will believe that there is video of mermaids, and that Homeland Security is trying to stop the truth from getting out. It is a completely irresponsible usage of this Science Docufiction piece. And I can’t get it out of my head the fact that now, along with all the other stupid conspiracy theories, we have to deal with mermaids. Why, why… mermaids?