Cadillac Craftsman Zippo Tape Measure – In the Collection

I like items that confuse me at first. Like many, I enjoy figuring out the puzzle of their story. When I first saw the words “Cadillac” and “Craftsman” engraved on an item with a laurel in a font similar to the Craftsman Tool logo I assumed it was some strange crossover of the two. And I became more intrigued when I discovered the item was a stainless steel tape measure made by the Zippo company.

Unfortunately, it isn’t a three-brand crossover, but it is a fascinating thing. Cadillac Craftsmen were a group that was sponsored by the Cadillac car company and certified to have a certain amount of knowledge and experience working on Cadillac vehicles. As a reward for being up to the company’s quality standards, those certified also received a bunch of cool swag, which seemed to change from year to year. And one, or a few, of these years they were given an engraved Zippo tape measure.

I never knew Zippo made tape measures, which they still do, in several versions: the main one looking nothing like this, and the promotional version (available only as such, it appears, like the Bic Clic) which is very similar to this one. This 6’ (180cm) (though the feet aren’t marked, only inches and cm) model has a brushed stainless steel body quite similar in dimensions to the bottom half of your standard Zippo lighter, and a plastic base bearing the company name. The tape is nothing special: it’s white, and 3/8ths inch thick. Mine’s a bit dirty and the action is kinda gummy after what I assume is years of use, but it’s still readable and retractable.

I hope that items like these have led long and useful lives. It’s a well-built tool that was presented to a workman and I’d like to believe it performed admirably for many years. I probably won’t be nearly as hard on it (as I’m not wanting for tape measures) and it’ll now likely be able to mostly retire into my Zippo collection having done its job well.

A Few Interesting Things Part 2 – 7 Day Pill Case, Car Piggy Bank, and Cups for 4

I think is has been long enough since the last slight peek into my collection to do another in my “few interesting things” series. This one will be container themed (I guess you could say the last one was “wood” themed).


The first thing I have is something that I picked up rather recently and would have been innovative closer to when it was made. It’s a “7-days Pill Box Set”. Or in other words, a China-made leatherette zipper case with 7 plastic vials and labels inside. The person I bought it from said they were going to keep bug specimens in it, fortunately for one trying its intended purpose he never got around to it. The company that “made” (read: Imported) it seems to still be around as a “Hospice/Healthcare” provider.


Next item up I actually have two of. I was given one when I was very little from my local bank. It’s a Studebaker Model/Piggy Bank. I damaged my original one by cutting open the plastic cover (instead of removing it) because the screws were security type and I wanted my change out of it for some reason. Fortunately I found one at a thrift store for a small price and was able to get a working one for myself again. It’s a nice bank, it’s metal and real heavy. It even rolls.


And finally, I have a thing I have almost no information on. Cups for 4 is a set of four plastic inlaid cups in a leather zipper case. They seem to be of different sizes but are at least more portable. It even has a cap to hold it all together. Unfortunately it hasn’t aged well and cracks in the bottom of each cup prevent them from being used on an outing, but it’s still a good idea and I don’t know why I haven’t seen more.

Speak Your Mind 182 #906-910


1. Do you think teenagers should have their own cars?

2. Do you think children should watch scary movies?

3. How often do you see your grandparents?

4. Do you think guys should have to know how to vacuum?

5. What do you think is the best snack to get at the movies?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. No, I trust no human being with a car (myself included).

2. That depends on the type of movie, and they type of child, and the type of parent, generally I would say no though.

3. They have all passed away so never.

4. I don’t think anyone should have to suffer through vacuuming, but yes.

5. Sour punch straws.

Speak Your Mind 61 #301-305


1. How often should a car be washed?

2. Do you think hight heeled shoes are good for people?

3. Would you rather get taller or stay like you are?

4. Do you think income tax is a good idea?

5. Did you ever try to pick something up and find that it was so much lighter than you expected that you fell backwards?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Cars should be washed !?

2. No, I don’t think high heeled shoes are good for anything.

3. If when I get taller I get a more proportioned head, taller.

4. Tax in some form is a good idea. I’m not sure what type is the best though.

5. No, I never have.

Speak Your Mind 53 #261-265


1. Do you like to wear earrings?

2. Do you think drugs would have gotten out of hand if life had stayed simple like to pioneer days?

3. Have you ever been in a car accident?

4. Would you rather eat cheddar or Colby cheese?

5. What color car(s) does your family drive?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1.  Being male, no.

2. Drugs were out of hand in the pioneer days. Opium, tobacco and  marijuana were unregulated and cheap. If anything drugs have gotten more under control in the last few centuries. So now that legalization seems like regression doesn’t it?

3. Fortunately no, and since I don’t drive I hope my chances are slimming.

4. I would rather eat cheddar.

5. In list form: green, white, silver, and blue.