Discovery Planet 10” Human Torso – In the Collection

If you’re as excited by scientific models of the human body as I am (that sounds weird), there are quite a few options to go for, some even ranging into the thousands of dollars. I don’t have that kind of money to spend (I didn’t even get my model new) so I’m gonna talk about one that’s quite a bit cheaper today.

The 27cm (10”) version of the 8 part human torso by Discovery Planet is the smaller of the two I could find (the larger being simply double the size). There are technically 8 parts to the model, but this includes the base and the main torso frame, into which slot/peg a heart, liver, intestines, stomach, and 2 lungs. Included in the box that unsettlingly says simply “Human Torso” is a small “manual” in full color that describes the basic shape and positioning of all the removable bits as well as some of the other “exposed” organs. Unfortunately missing from mine is a “Bonus Instructional CD”, but I don’t believe that has any effect on operation. The material is a slightly flexible plastic (vinyl?) with a very strange feel. It’ll probably hold up to some abuse from children even though it’s hollow, but then again there’s not much you could really do to it. Probably as a result of this material being hard to paint, the paint application is very minimal, but precise. It certainly doesn’t look real but it’s not all one color. Though, if I were a child I don’t know what I would actually do with it, because it’s more of a classroom “toy” than an actual one.

These kids are far too happy

This is backed up a bit by the company “Discovery Planet”, which is just a brand used by the Hong Kong import company Bowen Hill. Neither the brand nor the importer have a functioning website, but a few branded items can be found around, and there is an abysmal “Bowen Hill” Amazon Store that does sell science class product(s). This model is surprisingly still available in several places (Toys R Us for one but it can be found cheaper elsewhere), I suspect mine is quite a bit older, but there’s no copyright date on anything to indicate that.

My little statue will be going either on the shelf of weird things or the one of random artistic aids. I can see this being a nice, decently accurate model of a torso for a science class or drawing reference, and it was/is fairly cheap to aquire. If nothing else it’ll freak some houseguests out.

Speak Your Mind 199 #991-995


1. Would you rather print or write in cursive?

2. How many students are in your science class?

3. do you think drugs and alcohol were a problem in pioneer days?

4. Do you have a computer at home?

5. Do you think kids who are well behaved in school like school better than naughty kids?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. It would depend on the writing instrument; with a pencil, ballpoint, or technical pen I’ll do print, with a fountain pen or rollerball cursive.

2. I no longer go to school.

3. Yes, I be they were a terrible problem that is likely under-recorded.

4. People reading this could guess the answer to that quite easily.

5. No, I was well-behaved and hated school.


Speak Your Mind 145 #721-725


1. What is the most fun thing you have ever done in science class?

2. What would you like to get for Christmas?

3. Have you ever seen unhatched eggs in a birds nest?

4. Do you think it is important to teach a son how to clean?

5.Do you have an alarm clock by your bed?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Something involving explosions I’m sure.

2. I don’t celebrate it, so anything.

3. No, I don’t think so, maybe a chicken’s eggs.

4. Everyone should know how to clean.

5. I have several.

Speak Your Mind 44 #216-220


1. What class are you likely to get a good grade in?

2. What color do you think fire trucks should be?

3. Do you like to go camping?

4. What is one thing that makes your nervous?

5. What is your favorite nighttime T.V. show?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Most likely a science or math class.

2. Red is fine, but we might be able to see green farther away.

3. Sort of, but not on long trips.

4. Living, living makes me nervous.

5. I’ll watch any show that comes on late because my brain is numb by that time.

Speak Your Mind 27 #131-135


1. How tall do you think your science teacher is?

2. Do you know how to change a tire?

3. Do you like grilled food?

4. Do you think flowers make a nice birthday gift?

5. Do you think life was better in the pioneer days when people only new a small group of people?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. I currently don’t have a science teacher but the last ones I had were about 5’10” and 6’2″ I believe.

2. Yes, I do know how to change a tire, but sometimes the cars toolkit makes no sense.

3. Yes, but not more than any other type of preparing.

4. Depends on who is getting them and if you are getting another gift as well. What I’m saying is, I would get them for somebodies birthday.

5. Knowing a small group of people sounds nice, but the diseases and other problems that come with being a pioneer doesn’t sound too appealing.