Speak Your Mind 199 #991-995


1. Would you rather print or write in cursive?

2. How many students are in your science class?

3. do you think drugs and alcohol were a problem in pioneer days?

4. Do you have a computer at home?

5. Do you think kids who are well behaved in school like school better than naughty kids?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. It would depend on the writing instrument; with a pencil, ballpoint, or technical pen I’ll do print, with a fountain pen or rollerball cursive.

2. I no longer go to school.

3. Yes, I be they were a terrible problem that is likely under-recorded.

4. People reading this could guess the answer to that quite easily.

5. No, I was well-behaved and hated school.


Speak Your Mind 115 #571-575


1. What kind of pizza do you like?

2. Do you think a lot of students in this school drink alcohol?

3. Do you like tomato juice?

4. Do you have a basement in your house?

5. Would you rather have a sliver taken out with a tweezer or a needle?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Hamburger and Olive.

2. Yes, when I went to school I know a lot of them did, and still do.

3. No, I don’t like most things involving tomatoes.

4. Sort of, but not really.

5. Tweezers, it feels more tangible, I can feel more release.