Speak Your Mind 121 #601-605


1. What time did you get up this morning?

2. Can you name a movie you have seen more than once?

3. Do you like to watch college football?

4. Why do you think tolls are not charged on all roads?

5. Why do you think there are so many different religions?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Ten o’clock or so.

2. The Great Escape and The Dark Knight spring to mind.

3. I don’t like to watch football.

4. They all do, but some of the tolls are on out taxes.

5 There are many different ways of interpreting the word of (the) God(s)

How To: Button a Shirt and Eat a Bagel Simultaneously

So, you’re a busy guy, kinda like me (kinda, depends on the day). You get up early in the morning and you still don’t have time for breakfast, or you just don’t feel like eating. Still you put your pants on and a t-shirt. You go out into the kitchen and fix a bagel with cream cheese (high class, I know). Then you realize that you gotta get a button shirt for what ever you’re gonna do today (busy guy remember). But you don’t have time to eat a bagel and put your shirt on, you gotta do both at the same time. Well I’ve been in this scenario and am here to talk you through it.

First, select a shirt.  The bagel shouldn’t affect this, just be careful to not get crumbs in your closet. Then remove the shirt from the rack and stick your non-dominant arm (the one not holding the bagel) through the correct sleeve (make sure it is the correct sleeve). Swap your bagel to the other hand and do the same with the other sleeve. Now button your cuffs by ‘breaking’ your wrist down and then buttoning with your index finger and thumb (this is one of the trickier parts). Make sure your bagel is in your non-dominant hand before buttoning each of the shirt buttons after lining them up at the bottom (or not if you don’t mind crooked shirts). Button by using your index finger to grab the button and your thumb to guide it. You should have finished your bagel by now and so you can button the top button and put on a tie or whatever now. I just put a note book and a pen in my pocket and I’m good to go.

It’s that simple! I know some of you really need this guide. I know it would have helped me in this situation, although looking things up on the internet while eating a bagel is a completely different guide. I hope it helps some of you out there.

Speak Your Mind 48 #236-240


1. How long does it take you to get dressed each morning?

2. Do you have a garden at home?

3. What kind of car(s) does (do) your family drive?

4. Do you have a dry scalp?

5. How often do you wash your hair?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. About 5-15 minutes.

2. Not really, but we have places where flowers should be.

3. A van, two Jeeps and a Versa.

4. Sort of but not really.

5. A few times a week.

Speak Your Mind 43 #211-215


1. What time did you go to bed last night?

2. How many living grandparents do you have?

3. Which are you: a morning person or a night person?

4. Why do you think police wear uniforms?

5. Should christmas trees be put up before thanksgiving?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. About 1 AM.

2. I have no living grandparents.

3. I must say I’m more of a night person.

4. So that they can be identified as police officers.

5. No, why should one holiday come before another?


Speak Your Mind 40 #196-200


1. What time did you get up this morning?

2. Do you like rhubarb?

3. How old do you think you social studies teacher is?

4. Do you think it is important for a girl to learn how to do laundry?

5. Have you ever tried to catch fire flies?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. About 8 o’clock.

2. I have never had it.

3. My last social studies teacher was in her 40s I believe.

4. I think it is important for everyone to learn how to do laundry.

5. Yes, but only a few times.