Speak Your Mind 25 #121-125


1. Which do you like best, apples or oranges?

2. Do you live in a ranch house?

3. Is there an attic in your house?

4. have you ever fallen asleep somewhere that you didn’t want to fall asleep?

5. How old were you when you first worked on a computer?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. I like apples better by far.

2. No, and I never have, but I know people who do.

3. Sorta, it’s kinda like a crawl space but a little larger and covered in insulation.

4. Yeah, lots of places, class, at the beach, in my backyard, when I was a kid I fell asleep in the gutter while it was raining, and one time I dozed off on a couch and slid onto some girl, that was awkward. (I was not drunk in any of these instances)

5. Well, I first used a computer when I was about five, can’t say I did work on one until I was seven, and I didn’t open one up until I was 13.

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