Blog 6-30-17 – About Face

Well here I am, back a little more than a month after the last update to give another one, as is custom for this type of thing, and I’ve made a decision that has been a personally difficult one to make. When starting, and during, my hiatus I was very adamant about not only it being a temporary thing, but something that would eventually “disappear” as I would work to make up all the content I had missed postin when I was on it. It’s more than a year later now, and while I have been working to catch back up, I haven’t been seeing the returns I’ve hoped for. My original intent was to just power through this section, creating both my backlog material and moving forward into new stuff. But, as many people who try to finish large project know, something like this creates a mental block. The sheer amount of things you are telling your brain it “has” to do dissuades your brain from doing those things, and as it puts them off, they only get bigger.

While I have been making some headway in this “power through” area it hasn’t been as much as I had hoped, and my “re-warm-up” phase has been much slower than expected, All the while things I was “supposed” to do kept piling up, and it got to the point where my mental resistance to moving things forward was preventing me from getting back up to speed. Looking at things now, it could potentially take me years to catch back up on a reasonable schedule (especially for a person with a house, job, and schoolwork). If I wanted to catch up by the end of 2017, I would have to do more than triple-time on my work, and that just isn’t coming from a person who wasn’t able to keep “regular time” for the last year. And extending that deadline only increased the mental block. Devoting that much time to catching up makes the brain think it’s failing, and that just isn’t good for work.

So the decision I’ve made is to “give up” on the idea of catching up. And that has been a possibility from the start, but it was shunned by my more optimistic side. Now the idea’s still there, and maybe sometime in the far-off future when I’m being super productive I’ll be able to go back and catch up on everything or something close to it, but right now I’m going to focus on what I can do next. Nothing is going to stop getting made at this point. In fact, I intend to increase my output, but I won’t be re-instating the schedule and might even make up a new schedule sometime in the future. My current new goal is to get myself back to putting up at least one thing a day, but none of this will be trying to make up for lost time, and there will likely be many new projects introduced.

And even though this has been a difficult decision for me personally (doing this essentially makes my last year a creative failure), I know that both my few dedicated followers and those many on the internet just passing by really just want more things they can read/view to enjoy, and that me making nothing for months at a time isn’t what they came to see, nor is it satisfying “artistically” for me. This will hopefully end up with a better arrangement for all of us, and allow for my various sites to improve.

I always want to thank everyone who has viewed (liked, and commented on) my content, and I appreciate the patience of those of you who have stuck with me. I’ve got a lot of cool ideas and new projects in the works that soon we can hopefully enjoy together.


Blog 2-3-16 – Moving Again

Hello all! I (Austin Smith, the guy who runs these blogs) have been talking about how things have been going crazy recently and that posts may get behind schedule (and in some cases already are). I hadn’t mentioned the reason for this because I was hoping it wouldn’t affect as many projects as it has, but it seems like there may be some more delays now. I’m moving again, for the 3rd time in a year and a half, and each time it has put a severe dent in my ability to keep up with my posting schedule. This move in particular is bigger, and will take longer, than the previous two, meaning some of my more ambitious projects will be hit harder than before.

It is my hope that this won’t affect my main content like the art supply reviews and the majority of my comics, but there are some things it will affect, mostly on the site. Articles and mid-week posts are still suspended until I can get reasonably caught up with them. My previous deadlines for doing this already didn’t work, so I won’t have one here. The “Weekly Feature” comics will also be delayed until further notice. I’m hoping this will only be a few weeks, but these comics take a considerable amount more time than the smaller comics I post every day. Editorial Cartoons will be posted sometime during the week, and not necessarily on Friday, to keep up with both the news and my fractured schedule. Nothing else should be changed but even regular posts could end up being late by a day or more. If it turns out I can’t make those either, there will be another post announcing that.

At this moment, I fully intend to post catch-ups for the weeks I delayed when I am in a better and more stable work environment than I was before and now during the move, and I do believe I have some very good ones in the works for that. Until then, thank you for your patience.


-Austin Smith

Table Topics Chit Chat 44 #87-88


  1. What would be your ideal weekly schedule?
  2. If you had one year to live what would you do differently?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

  1. One I could stick to.
  2. Nothing really, I wouldn’t consider much else, I’m boring.

Blog 9-13-14 – Schedule + Updates for Today and the Last Month

So I haven’t had much reason to update the site in a while, but I figured that now enough little changes have piled up that they warrant some talking about.

The first thing that is noticeable is the Menu Bar: the “Store” is now gone. This is because I wasn’t selling anything at the moment, and the store had a primitive design. Therefore, it has been temporarily removed until some better products and formatting are available.

Also in the Menu Bar, you might notice that several tabs have been condensed into the “Text” and “Audio” tabs. These tabs currently take you to blank pages, but will at some point have multiple organized lists of each post in the category. Hopefully the “Comics” page will be updated at some point as well.

Next thing next: I’ve actually made a schedule of all of the things that I post on a weekly basis. This schedule can be seen on the “Schedule” page and is also listed below. It will be updated whenever something is added or removed from the weekly rotation. There are also several things that are posted on the site, whether frequently or not, that are not on the schedule as they are not weekly. Most if not all of these will be mentioned on the “Schedule” page.

Speaking of things that are coming out weekly, there are some slight changes coming to “Panzerkampfwagen” and “One Off Beat”. These changes won’t be enough to cause a major update (which I usually do on the first of January). Starting in a few weeks “Panzerkampfwagen” will expand to deal with more wars, and differing sides in the same war. The schedule will alternate between one main comic of Germans in WWII, one of another side in WWII, back to the Germans, and then one of another war entirely. There will likely be an update in the future if this changes. “One Off Beat” will be moving more toward what I had originally envisioned and become more likely a weekly feature page, where I explore different characters and possibly storylines (instead of simply exploring visual ways to tell stories, as it is now). Neither of these updates will affect the comic as much as Dice Comics was affected several months ago when it was rebooted (sorry about not making an update for that, but it didn’t seem entirely necessary…)

Speaking of a weekly feature, there is a possible new comic set that will be just that, with a new page appearing every week in a larger format. Some might just be one offs, but many will have continuing storyline that will be updated every few weeks or so. That would be kinda like a comic book where you only get a page every month (that makes it sound lame, but I’m already doing a lot, so bear with me). I will have to see if I am able to get such a project up and running, but I’m trying.

A project I did get up and running, though, is my “Editorial Cartoons”, which should be appearing every week. These might be political, so be warned if you are a sensitive reader. They won’t be appearing on the front page, so you will have to look for them, but they are on the Comics Page and Menu.

Several other things, such as the “Errata” and “Affiliates” pages, are also being updated. Hopefully, in the coming weeks some much-needed housekeeping will be done and the site will have all of its content looking much better. Until then, thank you for reading, and looking, and watching!

(Suspended as of May 2016, hopefully to be re-instated soon)
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I Don’t Get Much Sleep

So I think I’m writing this at an appropriate time, by that I mean when I should be sleeping. I don’t sleep well, I don’t know why that is, but I don’t. My sleep schedule is better since I stopped drinking soft drinks, but it’s still pretty bad. I often find myself up in the midnight hours, working furiously to finish my work for the night. Though much of my work gets interrupted by my need for organization, last minute small projects, and the general distractions of the internet that we all experience.

It isn’t as if I wake up late. I wake up at eight every morning, sometimes as late as nine or nine thirty. At that moment I don’t really have to ‘go’ to work, but then I start working. I work, take walks, and do things on the internet the rest of the day. And then I still have to sit up to one in the morning finishing everything. I don’t know why, I don’t think I’ve ever thought I had the reason pinned down.

And I love sleep, I wish I could sleep forever, but I guess I wish I would get more done more. It just seems strange to me how I wake up tired and go to bed wide awake. Do other people feel this way? I mean I think most of the people I know go to bed sleepy and then wake up sleepy. Some people don’t even seem to wake up ever. I don’t drink caffeine (very often) and the sugar content of what I drink is, I believe, very low.

I know a lot of people are sleep deprived nowadays. But do they stay up late every night and get up early every day? (I should mention that I work every day of the week and only sleep in once a week on Saturday or Sunday) It doesn’t seem right, and though it does affect my work some it really doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, except to my mind which keeps telling me to get to sleep earlier.

It’s just strange.