Speak Your Mind 138 #686-690


1. Are most people in your family thin or heavy?

2. Describe your town.

3. Do you live in a two-story house?

4. Why do you think snakes move fast?

5. Do you like grapefruit juice?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. I would say thin, but a lot of them are old and heavier now.

2. Desert, plains, shabby, lonely, beautiful, proud, and full of idiots.

3. No, and I think I’m glad I don’t

4. Their entire body is a muscle that acts like a leg.

5. Yes, and I like grapefruits to.

Speak Your Mind 112 #556-560


1. What is your mother’s first name?

2. Describe yourself.

3. How many radios do you have in your house?

4. Have you ever been at a football game when is started to rain>

5. Have you eve been able to get a baby or small child to stop crying?

ANSWERS By:  Austin Smith

1. Theresa

2. Not very outgoing.*

3. Me personally, seven or so.

4. No, I have never properly attended any type of football game.

5. Not having much experience, no.

*but seriously, I would say shy, artistic, mildly intelligent.