Cowboy Fish Finder – In the Collection

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that are important. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make you laugh. Sometimes you can paint a dowel rod red, stick a black pipe-cleaner in the top, and stamp “Cowboy Fish Finder” on the side and you will be a genius. And whoever came up with this is, and it’s hilarious.

It’s really “Dynamite”

Table Topics Chit Chat 54 #107-108


  1. What scared you the most when you were young?
  2. If you could spend one year in any country which would you choose?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

  1. That weird red haired monster from the Bugs Bunny cartoons.
  2. The one I’m in, I like the US.


Table Topics Chit Chat 22 #43-44


1. what was the best TV commercial of all time?

2. What are five things every visitor to this country should see?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. I haven’t seen a really good one in a while, and while I wouldn’t say it’s technically good, my favorite is the LEGO Clone Turbo Tank commercial.

2. The first five things they see when they leave the tourist-y areas of the country.

Speak Your Mind 167 #831-835


1. Do you know anyone who has had a heart attack?

2. Do you think doctors charge too much?

3. What do you think makes kids wet the bed?

4. What color uniforms do you think the police should wear?

5. If you did not live in the U.S., what country would you like to live in?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Yes, several people in my family.

2. Not really, but they could charge less.

3. Being afraid to leave the bed (monsters or being punished) or undisciplined bladders.

4. Aside from lime green I think a lighter blue (like ocean or air superiority blue) or even a white would definitely be more visible and give them a better public image.

5. Canada, just close enough to the U.S. to have some rub off and just far enough away from the kingdom to not be affected as much.

Speak Your Mind 150 #746-750


1. Do you like to watch college basketball?

2. Do you get enough time to yourself?

3. Which do you like better, worksheets or workbooks?

4. Would you like to move to a different country?

5. If an artist could draw a caricature of me (your teacher) what do you think the main features would be?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. I don’t watch any basketball.

2. Yes, I have quite a lot.

3. Worksheets probably, though I don’t know why.

4. Not really, I like it here.

5. Unanswerable.