Table Topics Family 39 #77-78


1. Do you plan on going to college someday?

2. At what age should children be allowed to see a PG-13 movie?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Not at the moment.

2. 13 obviously, but beyond that it would entirely be up to the parents to decide if they are comfortable with their children watching it. Preferably they would have watched it first.

Speak Your Mind 150 #746-750


1. Do you like to watch college basketball?

2. Do you get enough time to yourself?

3. Which do you like better, worksheets or workbooks?

4. Would you like to move to a different country?

5. If an artist could draw a caricature of me (your teacher) what do you think the main features would be?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. I don’t watch any basketball.

2. Yes, I have quite a lot.

3. Worksheets probably, though I don’t know why.

4. Not really, I like it here.

5. Unanswerable.