Introduction and “Standard” EDC – Every-Day Cary 2016-17 Part 1

EDC stands for Every-Day Carry (or Electric Daisy Carnival if you’re into dance music). And, the name fortunately being self-explanatory, it is the general items one carries with them every day. Most people have an EDC but don’t call it that because it’s generally unnecessary. But if you’re a bit nuts about being prepared and organized like me, it’s a nice, easy way to condense the idea of what things you need with you all the time (or various levels of such) and separate it from all of the other things that are in life either for fun or more specific tasks.

This is my 3rd (maybe 4th) year of really being in to EDC, and my 3rd (maybe 4th) year of detailing a list of what I carry (hopefully with videos as well) online in the hopes of being helpful and entertaining. Last year I had a little bit of a debate with myself over what EDC really meant, and if I go by the strict definition, as I am one to do, this set of posts as well as the last one go beyond my (or a) true EDC. Still, I believe that the different layers of organization and carry items are relevant both in the creation of the lower and higher levels and in the sense that they can, I believe, help and entertain as much as and true EDC list would.

I will be breaking this down into chunks, to make them easier (for you) to digest and reference, while ignoring the bits that don’t pertain to you. Some smaller sets of items (like my pocket EDC) will be contained all in one post while larger sets of items (like my backpack) may be broken up into several relevant parts (like the bag of tools in my backpack being its own separate post from the other “sub-bags” in the backpack). Hopefully once I’ve finished and gone through the entire list I can go back and collect it all into one post for anyone who wants to see it all together. I’ll talk a little bit about how I use each layer and what capabilities it provides me with, and follow that up with a list of the items and my various comments about their usefulness, hardiness, aesthetics, or just something interesting about them. Those of you who have read my previous entries in this series will find some familiar items but there are many new ones and things that have been tweaked. One of my favorite things about preparedness kits and EDC is how dynamic it is, and how it can, and should, change regularly to continue to be effective. Coming up with a “perfect” kit and leaving it stagnate doesn’t work out well in the being prepared world. There is no “perfect” kit, and it only gets better the more you experiment.

* Items that are carried on a conditional basis or can be one of a few like items

** Items that will need to be specially treated when going into restricted areas (read: airports) (i.e. liquids and pointy things)

My Main EDC is stuff that I’m almost guaranteed to have on me when leaving the house. If I’m going out for anything I’ll certainly have my wallet, phone, and watch, but more often than not I’ve got all of the items on this list, so naturally, they’re some of the most useful and most portable items I have in my daily carry systems.

(Amazon Links provided may not be the cheapest one’s around. If no Amazon link is available another one will be provided so long as I think the item is of enough importance)


  • Wallet (Austin Leather Tri-Fold Wallet) (I’m not sure the company even exists any more) (I’m not a fan of billfolds because they are wider than my pocket is in some cases, and have fewer card slots or ways to expand. I would still have the phone-case wallet if I wasn’t planning on upgrading my phone at some point and not wanting to buy two of them. This gives me more options anyway.)
    • Mini Lock Pick Set (Without Case. In Ziploc bag) (These guys aren’t great but they are inexpensive and will get the job done if I or a friend gets locked out. They’re certainly better than paperclips)
      • Tension Wrench (Not what I would choose to use in any case)
      • Hook (Medium to Large)
      • Half Diamond
      • City Rake (L Rake)
      • S Rake
    • Bobby Pins x2 (Plenty of uses. If nothing else, they’ll hold hair in place, but now I have quite a few of them hanging around doing nothing)
    • Safety Pins x2
    • Straight Pins x2
    • Paper Clips x2 (Super tools)
    • Band Aids x2 (For when I cut myself every time I buy a new sharp thing)
    • 11 in 1 Credit Card Multi-tool (basically a bottle opener) ** (This thing is super dangerous to hold, and mostly useless. I covered up the sharp bits and it makes a good $1 bottle opener for the wallet)
    • Iain Sinclair Cardsharp 2 ** (It’s a working blade at this size, and it means I can have a functional knife on me essentially all the time. Only for when I have to use it though as I’d rather use anything else)
    • Touch Screen Stylus (Good for when the hands are cold)
    • Cash (Of course)
    • Cards (Of course)

  • Phone (iPhone 4s) (Still, maybe I’ll get a new one soon)
    • Custom Printed Phone Case (It looks cool, but it’s worn out way faster than I would’ve liked it to)
    • Emergency Cash (Comes in handy when you forget your wallet)

  • Knife (Ontario Rat II)** (Still goin’ strong, it’s as close to perfect as they come)

  • Watch
    • Armitron Face (It’s not as pretty anymore but it’s probably my longest running face)
    • Timex Band (The original band wasn’t as good, plain metal ones work better)
  • Change Bag (Small Leather Marble Bag) (I get a lot of compliments on this, separately from the people who are annoyed I have to get my change out of it)
    • Change
  • Keys (Leather Holder) (I ordered a custom key holder from Bulgaria over Etsy. The original clip was pretty cheap and has already broken, but the leather is still beautiful, and the rest of the hardware still going)

  • Belt Pouch (Maxpedition Anemone) (New pouch, quality is incredible, after more than a year it still looks brand new)
    • Two Maxpedition Tac Ties as Belt Loops (I don’t like these, and they have to be retightened periodically, but there aren’t many other options for belt carry here)
    • Leatherman (Juice S2)** (Still one of the best Multi-Tools out there as everyone in the world will tell you)
    • Pen (Fisher Space Pen Stowaway) (Works well; the clip is getting a bit wobbly clipping on to such thick fabric. I’d be open to something else but it’s so small and light I hardly even know it’s there)
    • Flashlight (Coast A5) (One done quit on me, but I like the new color better anyway. I hope the last one was just a fluke because this is the prefect design for me)
    • Work Phone (LG 328BG) (Got a new one because TracFone was changing their network. Not as good as the last one in my opinion but it’s just there to take calls)
    • Whistle (This one was my grandmother’s. It’s a bit rusty but I like the look and feel)
    • Lighter (Bic Mini)
    • Knife (Victorinox Classic SD)** (In lieu of having a dedicated nail file I can have a few other redundant tools as well)
    • Tape Measure (One of the first things I put in my EDC, still there, still surprisingly useful)
    • Worry Stone (Something to do with my hands when there’s nothing else. Unfortunately it gets lost in the bottom a lot and I forget about it)
    • Lens Wipes (Nikon) (For glasses and cameras)
    • Cash $10
    • AAA Battery (Flashlight spare)
    • 364 Watch Battery (Sony) (Watch spare)

  • EDC Altoids Small Tin** (This tin hasn’t changed much since I made it a few years ago, mostly it’s a back-up smaller version of other things in my EDC)
    • Flash Drive (Patriot Tab)
    • Knife (Opinel #2)**
    • Cord
    • Cotton Ball
    • Ziplock Bag
      • Matches**
      • Striker
      • Kleenex
    • Nail
    • 4 Straight Pins
    • Paperclip
    • Electrical Tape
    • 2 Migraine Medications
    • Butterfly Bandage
    • Cash (≈10)

  • Mini Tool Kit (In a GUM Soft Picks Case) (Mostly for repairing eyeglasses and feeling cool about having some small tools)
    • Glasses Screwdriver
    • Razor Blade** (This one is annoying to remember to take out when going through a checkpoint)
    • Paperclips x5 (one insulated)
    • Eyeglass Pads x2
    • Small Screws (2 sizes) x4
    • 5ft of Wire (Wrapped around one Paperclip)
    • 3 Straight Pins Wrapped in Electrical Tape
    • Copper “Snare Wire” (From the Bear Gryll’s Mini “Survival” Kit, I think it’s better suited here)
    • Cut Down #2 Pencil (I shaved the edges to get it to fit in such a small case)

  • Boo-Boo Kit/Hygiene Kit (I hope most of this is self-explanatory)
    • GUM Soft Picks in Travel Case
    • Electrolyte Tablets
    • 5 Alcohol Swabs
    • 1 Alcohol Towel-ette
    • 2 Knuckle Bandages
    • 1 Fingertip Bandage
    • Mini Med Bag
      • 3 Diphenhydramine
      • 2 Acetaminophen

  • Pocket Notebook (Field Notes Expedition Edition) (Such a good book, shows a little more wear than I would like but it holds together better than anything)
  • Pocket Planner (Brownline 2016 Weekly Planner) (Soon to be 2017)
  • Pen (Zebra F-301) (I love these guys and have one wherever I usually need a pen)

Like I said, I hardly go anywhere without this stuff, and as such I’ve tried to make it what I think is the best gear for the job. It’s a collection of my “finest equipment”. There’s probably the most similarity to other people’s EDC here as the things I need are mostly the same as what everyone needs, but there are always those differences, and those become more pronounced the higher up on these lists. My backpack will likely vary considerable from most other peoples’ EDC backpacks. But that’s to look at in the future; hopefully I’ll see you there.

Review – Tach-It Metal Tap Knife (Carton Cutter)

Depending on the size or type of art (or craft) works one is doing, carton or box cutters may or many not be on one’s radar or considered a useful tool. But even if one isn’t using them for opening supplies or actually during the art-making process, it still isn’t a bad idea to have one around since they’re cheap and easy to use. The dozen-for-five-dollars that these are priced at might be a bit larger set than most people would need, but it’s still inexpensive enough that it wouldn’t be hard to pick up.


Tap knives are one of the simplest types of box cutter. On this model, the outside sleeve is a single aluminum piece that has been bent around on itself. Inside is another piece of aluminum that has been folded with a cutout at one end and a flare at the other. A standard single-edge razor blade fits in the cutout end (and can be replace by sliding the insert out of the housing) while the flare prevents the knife from protruding too far forward.


Use is simple. Tapping the back of the knife against a hard surface will extend the blade until it is stopped by the protrusion on the back. And when the cutting is done, the front of the knife can be tapped on a hard surface to retract the blade. Very little of the blade is exposed making it fairly safe to cut with, and it’s held in securely enough that I wouldn’t worry too much about accidental deployment of the blade. How well it cuts and how long it lasts depends on the razor blade used. And the ones that come in the package are not the greatest. The points are especially brittle, and while they can keep an edge for a decent amount of time, they will crack and split with too much stress.

As far as a cheap, effective, and simple box cutter goes, they work well enough. The fit and finish leave something to be desired: the edges are rough, the tolerances vary quite a bit, and no surface is smoothed and finished, but they are so inexpensive they are practically disposable. They cut, they’re reasonably safe, and they could last quite a long time since there’s not much too them. One could get better quality, but I’m not convinced you’d really need to.

EDC Summer 2015 – (Compendium)

Alright, it’s been half a year and my EDC has changed, probably much more than enough to warrant an update, but creating an itemized list and finding all of these product links takes time, so I only want it done when I feel it’s changed enough.

In the time since I last did an EDC update, I’ve been thinking a bit about what “EDC” is. Obviously, the words mean something by themselves. But on the internet they mean different things to different people. It’s hard to carry around the same things day-to-day for years, especially if you care about what you carry. You always want the best, and that requires you to keep searching and trying new things. But if something is changed often is it EDC? Can you “EDC” something for a couple of days?

Another problem is how to define when something is “EDC” or when it is carried infrequently enough to not qualify. This also changes depending on the scenario. If one is on a vacation their EDC may vary wildly from in the city, but if they only have it for a couple of days is that really every day? Or in my case, is it really EDC when you go most of many days without “carrying” it?

Thinking about these questions, and how I used my previous EDC items and tiers has led me to the following system. It still has tiers, but only 3 this time for simplicity. And the functions of each system has now changed.

Tier 1, which will be covered in this article, is my Person, Pockets, and Belt. This stuff is on me most of the time, and always when I leave my living area (i.e. out the door for more than to check the mail). When I’m in my home it is always at hand as well. If you catch me, I’m 99.9% likely to have these tools at hand. This could be considered my real “EDC”.

Tier 2, which will be covered in the next part, is my backpack. It is also close-by when I’m inside, and with me 9 times out of 10 when I leave the house. Occasionally, when I’m just going to the store, or in a car packed with people, it will be left behind, but this is rare. This is bordering on the edge of EDC. It isn’t always on me, but I feel it is around enough that I can consider it in that category.

Tier 3 is my travel and “other” section. There are many tools I use every day, or specifically want when I’m traveling, that I don’t necessarily always carry with me, but in some situations they will be integrated. For instance I use my notebook every day for at least one drawing (That’s a personal challenge of mine) and while I don’t always carry it with me, I can easily do so if I need to, and I use it more than some of my “real EDC” gear. So it gets put in this category with several other items used in similar ways.

With that in mind let’s take a look at the first tier (Specifications and Comments on gear in parentheses):



  • Wallet (Book Book Phone Case) (A bit beat up at the moment, I need to upgrade my phone and this case at some point.)
    • Cash
    • Cards
    • Business Cards
    • Phone (iPhone 4s)
  • Knife (Ontario Rat model II) (I have a few other knives I carry, {Victorinox Super Tinker, Sanrenmu 7010, Rat I, etc} But I feel this one work the best for me in a myriad of fields.)
  • Watch (Armitron Face, Timex band) (The original band for this watch was a stretchy kind, and I break those quickly, so I replaced it with an all-metal band.)
  • Shirt Pocket
    • Pocket Book (Bull&Stash) (This notebook is currently in for testing. I use Field Notes and Rhodia more often than not.)
    • Pen (Zebra F-301) (It’s not my favorite, but it’s very solid, cheap, and easy to find. For most places I go, my favorite Cross pen seems a bit too flashy.)




Knife (CRKT SPEW {also on neck sometimes}) (A nice blade shape for both general package and letter opening, and emergency self-defense.)


Pouch (Case Logic DCB302) (Completely stuffed. I’m looking for a new pouch currently, but this one is still the best I’ve found for me.)

  • Outside
    • Flashlight (Coast A5) (Attached by a Velcro strap) (This light has no frills, it’s a cylinder, with no modes and a button.)
    • D-Ring
  • Front Pocket
    • Multitool (Leatherman Juice S2) (Mainly used for the scissors and the pliers. It replaced my Micra because it’s easier to hold in the hand.)
    • Measuring Tape (3ft) (Surprisingly useful, but I love to rearrange furniture and I understand that most people don’t, so that’s 50% of the times I use it gone for most people.)
    • Lighter (BIC Mini)
    • Whistle (My particular whistle was owned by my grandmother and is from a car dealership in California. It’s not the loudest, but I like having it around as an heirloom type of thing.)
    • Nail file (Attached to knife) (Victorinox Companion) (I love the knife, so any excuse to have it around. A nail file is something that other items can’t really make up for.)
    • Worry Stone (I talk with my hands, and they go all over the place far too much. This prevents me from looking like an idiot, and Goldstone is an amazing color.)
    • Altoids Smalls Tin (I almost never use this, but it’s nice to have around.)
      • Flash Drive (Patriot Tab) (Another item that can’t really be replaced by other items. I’ve never “needed” it, but it’s been useful when others are farther away.)
      • Knife (Opinel #2)
      • Cord
      • Cotton Ball
      • Ziplock Bag
        • Matches
        • Striker
        • Kleenex
      • Nail
      • 4 Straight Pins
      • Paperclip
      • Electrical Tape
      • 2 Migraine medications (Relpax)
      • Butterfly Bandage
      • Cash ($10)
  • Main Pocket
    • Keys (Key Pouch) (It is a bit bulky, but I love it, and it keeps my keys nice and organized.)
    • Work Phone (Samsung S125G TracPhone)
    • Mini First Aid/Hygiene (Ziplock sealed with Electrical Tape.)
      • GUM Soft Picks in Travel Case (Toothpicks are gross, but I do really need something for my teeth, this was the compromise.)
      • Electrolyte Tablets (Can be really good if you need them, and in Texas they might be needed a lot.)
      • 6 Alcohol Swabs
      • 1 Alcohol Towelette
      • Bandages
        • 2 Knuckle
        • 2 Fingertip
    • Mini Tool Kit (This isn’t the best toolkit ever, but it works in a pinch, and is mainly geared toward glasses, which can be a real pain if they start to have problems.)
      • Razor Blade
      • 5ft of wire
      • Mini Pen (Cut Down Bic Pen Sealed with Electrical Tape)
      • Second Bag
        • Snare Wire (From Bear Grylls survival kit)
        • Glasses Screwdriver
        • Glasses Pads
        • 4 Glasses screws (2 sizes)
        • 4 Paperclips (1 insulated)
        • 3 Straight Pins wrapped in Electrical Tape
    • Cash Bag

The backpack has moved up from my previous EDC iteration, from tier 4 to tier 2. It’s still between 10-15 pounds, which is not too heavy, but can get uncomfortable at times. I’ve condensed the items contained within it to eliminate redundancy, and added a few more that are specific to the urban environment that I live in. There isn’t as much room to expand since I got a new, smaller backpack, but I’ve found the need to put things I haven’t planned on carrying in my pack to be minimal, and I have a shopping bag if the need arises. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what I carry in my backpack.


BACKPACK (Swiss Gear CityPack)

DSC01974 DSC01973

  • Outside
    • Pepper Spray (Sabre Red, Held in a Leatherman case by Velcro) (It’s attached to the strap for quick access in an emergency.)
    • Paracord Zipper Pull (In a helix shape, it really serves no function, I guess it could be an emergency paracord supply, but there’s hardly any there.)
    • Water Bottle (Sometimes)
  • Glasses Pocket
    • Tide-to-go pen
    • Hand Sanitizer (Germ-x) (Really good to have around, especially when getting fast food in a car, or eating appetizers when stuck back in a booth.)
    • Pain and Itch Relief Liquid (This stuff really helps with sunburns and mosquito bites that can ruin your day.)
    • Lighter (Bic full size)
    • Lip Balm (Chapstick)
    • Multitool (Leatherman Juice CS4) (A bit more bulky than the S2, with a few tools I don’t think I’ll ever use. But it’s still compact and well built.)
    • WD-40 No Mess Pen (You can never go wrong with some WD-40.)
  • Main Pocket
    • Bag (HEB {Texas Grocery Store Chain} Cloth Shopping Bag) (The thin disposable shopping bags are illegal in my city, and I find the cloth bag far superior to reusable plastic or paper bags. It’s almost a “must carry”.)
    • Device Pocket
      • Bandanna
      • iPod (Sometimes)
    • Toiletry/Hygiene Bag (Case Logic TBC403)
      • Outside Pocket
      • Main Pocket
        • Medicine Bottles (Fortunately I don’t have many prescriptions, so I can carry supplies of what I need with me at all times.)
          • Pain Meds
          • Sleep Meds
        • Med Bag
          • Migraine Meds
        • Pill Container (Altoids tin wrapped with Electrical Tape) (Some spare over-the-counter medicines that most people can use are helpful. Not that I’d just be giving them out: I use them mainly for myself, but still…)
          • Diphenhydramine
          • Acetaminophen
          • Tryptophan
          • Meclizine
        • 2 Packets of single-use toothpaste (Freshmint) (These things are surprisingly cheap and easily have enough gel to last 3 or 4 brushes!)
        • Tweezers (Uncle Bill’s Sliver Grippers) (An EDC standby for many people, I don’t have to explain how well they work, but I’ve never really had to use them.)
        • Folding Nail Clippers (Bluecell) (The construction might not be as sturdy as it is in some other brands, but it’s good, and I don’t see them breaking any time soon.)
    • Mini Kleenex package
    • Change Purse (Don’t want that change banging around!)
      • Change
    • Onn Emergency Charging Kit (Modified) (All of this stuff can be summed up pretty simply as phone protection. I have a few extra items in here for other devices, if anyone I’m with has problems. Keeping electronics charged in this day and age is very important, though I’ve never “had” to use the kit. An additional piece of the kit is stored in the pack organizer pocket.)
      • Dry Bag (For restoring Electronic Devices that got wet.)
      • Emergency USB charger (2AA)
      • USB to Wall Adapter
      • USB to Car Adapter
      • Mini USB to USB
      • iPod to USB
      • iPhone to USB
      • Samsung Phone Charger
      • Samsung Phone Adapter for Car Charger
    • Glasses Case (Self-explanatory)
      • Glasses
      • Cleaning Cloth
    • Paracord (40ft Bright Orange) (I don’t know how to tie many knots now, but I’m learning, and having it around is better than not. Though I don’t expect to be in any “survival” situations where it would be necessary, it’s a backup to the cheap twine that is in the organizer pocket.)
    • First Aid Kit (CVS All-purpose Kit with Modifications) (This is a particularly stuffed kit that I’m contemplating taking some of the bandages out of. It’s made to not need restocking for some time, it would appear, but I don’t need as many bandages as it comes with. I have rearranged this bag into Ziploc bags instead of the 5-pocket container it came with to slim it down a bit. I also feel the kit is pretty self explanatory, so I won’t go into too much detail except about the items I added.)
      • Quick Access
        • 2 Tampons (For impromptu bandages, nosebleeds, and potentially deep puncture wounds. I wouldn’t recommend it for that last purpose and don’t go taking medical advice from an idiot on the internet, but I’d say it’s better than dying if it does indeed inhibit death.)
        • Israeli Bandage (I’m not comfortable using a tourniquet, and while this is much larger and not as good at stopping blood, I feel much more able to use one of these.)
        • Snake Bite Kit (Coghlans) (These have been proven many times to not be effective. But the main killer in snake bites is not remaining calm and allowing the venom to spread more easily. This kit acts as a placebo to keep calm, for both me and the people I’m with. It also has a few other useful items like a scalpel and disinfectant.)
          • 2 Large Suction Cups
          • Small Suction Cup
          • Lymph Constrictor
          • Snake Bite Instructions
          • Glass Iodine Vial
          • Scalpel Blade
        • CPR Breathing Barrier (I have an idea of how CPR works, but I am by no mean qualified to administer it. If someone else has to {or the situation is bad enough that I have to} this is a nice thing to have at hand quickly to protect the administerer.)
        • Triangular Bandage
        • Bandanna
        • Red Cross First Aid Guide
      • Tools Bag
        • Vinyl Gloves
        • Plastic Tweezers
        • Bent Scissors
        • Flat Thermometer
        • Safety Pins
        • Paper Tape
        • Tongue Depressors
        • Cotton Swabs
      • “Pre-Treat” Bag
        • Instant Cold Pack
        • Chloride Wipes
        • Electrolyte Tablets
        • Alcohol Wipes
        • Ibuprofen
        • Aspirin
        • Acetaminophen
        • Pill Fob
          • More Acetaminophen
          • Migraine Medication
      • “Treatment/Bandage” Bag
        • Gauze Bandages (2 Sizes)
        • Gauze Pads (2×2 to 5×9)
        • Finger Tip Bandages
        • Knuckle Bandages
        • Circle Bandages
        • Spot Bandages
        • Butterfly Closures
        • Elbow Bandage
        • Knee Bandage
        • Eye Pads
        • Standard Size bandages (Plastic and Woven)
        • Mini Size Bandages (Plastic)
      • “Post/In Addition to Bandages” Bag
        • Neosporin Tube
        • Die cut Moleskin
        • Space Blanket
        • Insect Bite Relief wipes (Maybe these two {this and the one after)should go in the Pre-Treat Bag?)
        • After Burn Gel
        • Single-Use Triple Antibiotic ointment
    • Back Pocket
      • Poncho
      • Guest parking pass
      • Gloves (In Ziplock Bag, Wells Lamont Suede Cowhide 1012) (I’ve forgotten gloves so many times when I needed them, and just bought another pair. Now I have so many pairs I find them popping up everywhere. I guess I reached my saturation point.)
  • Organization Pocket
    • Cash Wallet (Flex By Filofax) (This can be used in so many different ways, and I love the versatility and high-quality construction)
      • Cash (However much I want that day)
      • Business Cards
      • Pen Loop
      • Pen (Monteverde Poquito Stylus) (Combo phone and paper use is very handy in a backup pen)
      • Flex by Filofax notebooks
        • Notebook
        • Jot Pad
    • Key Chain Dangle
      • Knife (Pittsburg Mini Utility Knife) (Not the best quality, but much better than nothing, the mini utility blades are super sharp, and it’s attached to the pack to prevent it from being lost)
      • Flashlight (Maglite Solitaire) (Strategically placed to allow for easy viewing of the Organization pocket when turned on)
    • Maps Bag (For some emergency navigation and making notes on said navigation)
    • Water Filtration Straw (A present from my brother. I never intend to use it, but it doesn’t take up much space and could be very handy.)
    • Checkbook
    • Earplugs (I was reminded of how noisy things can get when I went to an Independence Day festival. I was never uncomfortable, but I realized it could quickly escalate to that.)
    • Flat Sewing Kit (This is super handy and the size of a credit card, but a bit thicker. I have a few hotel sewing kits that I ordered to refill it with, just in case.)
    • Hand Warmers (It’s not winter, but they take up almost no space, and will be there when the cold jumps on me.)
    • Cheap Plastic Twine Wrapped around Gift Card (If I need to tie some things together, I’ve got something, and it’s cheap and easy to use.)
    • Pen (Bic Tech) (Like the Monteverde, but larger, and not as well constructed.)
    • 3 Small Zip-Ties (Another form of lashing things together.)
    • Business Card Holder
    • Notebook (Moleskine Volant)
    • Car Charger Adapter (For use with Emergency Charging Kit)
    • Red Electrical Tape (The red color has no real purpose, it’s just what I had.)
    • Battery Cases (These cases link together and hold 4 of either type of battery, or 5 batteries if you stuff it. All of my flashlights use the AAA, and the emergency charger uses AA.)
      • 5 AA
      • 4 AAA
    • 2 Small Ponchos (Can’t have enough rain protection!)
    • 2 Bandannas
    • Strap For Belt Pouch (for over the shoulder carry.)
  • Small Back Pocket
    • Bicycle Cards (Games are important for eliminating boredom when something is delayed, or just when you’re around people who like to play games. Everyone knows card games, and Love Letter is simple to teach and only has 16 cards.)
    • Love Letter Card Game (minus the Bag)

DSC01979 DSC01975 DSC01976 DSC01977 DSC01978DSC01980 DSC01981

And that’s the second, and by far the most expansive tier of my EDC.

And now it’s time for the final part of my EDC. This tier might be straying from the “EDC” mentality, and instead of everyday carry, it might be more everyday use, like EDU, but that’s already taken. I use my computer, notebooks, fountain pens, and many other things every day, and they can integrate into my EDC when I need to carry them, for travel or work purposes. I feel that while they are outside of the normal EDC realm, I should still include them. The various items will be shown here mostly without comment, but the uses of each section will be talked about. Let’s take a look at what I have here.


Emergency Satchel (Unknown source Map Bag) (This satchel is close by but not right next to me in most places. It’s more like an emergency car bag. It isn’t a survival kit. It’s meant to get me through one emergency situation and one only, not many days and not after the apocalypse. But if my regular EDC stuff is lost or isn’t handy, I strive to keep this one near as a backup.)

  • Emergency/”Survival” Pouch (Maxpediton Barnacle Pouch)
    • Outside
    • Front
      • 1ft of Dental Floss
      • Bear Grylls priorities of survival guide (For a bit of fun)
      • 3 Toothpicks
    • Inside
      • Altoids Tin
        • Cotton Ball
        • Fire Steel + Striker
        • 10ft Cord
        • 8 Waterproof matches and striker
        • Small vial
        • AAA Battery
        • Electrical tape
        • Flattened Produce Bag
      • 3″ Glowstick
      • Lighter (Bic Mini)
      • Whistle (Cheap, flat. Gerber from survival kit.)
      • Flashlight (Maglite Solitaire)
      • Knife (Gerber Mini Paraframe, partially serrated.)
      • Multitool (Leatherman Micra)
  • Mini First Aid Kit (Bear Grylls Water resistant Bag/ziplock {With a red cross added})
    • Forceps
    • Gloves
    • Tissue
    • Johnson and Johnson first aid guide
    • Waterproof Ziploc
      • Paper medical tape
      • Electrolyte Tablets
      • Single Use Neosporin
      • Motrin
      • Hand Cleansing Wipes
      • Butterfly Closures
      • Small Gauze Dressing
      • Medium Non Stick Pad
      • Band Aids
  • Emergency Firearm (Walther P22 with second magazine)
  • Pen (Paper:Mate Write Bros)
  • Pencil (Half of a Sanford Eagle)
  • Pencil Sharpener (Unnamed Cheap)

Fountain Pens (I love fountain pens and use them every day. I believe they are the perfect writing experience, but not the most practical, since my regular EDC doesn’t include them. But when I have a bit more luxury room I always try to fit one or a few in.)

Notebooks (I always need to jot things down, and replacement books for my standard pocket notebook are common. I also try to come up with a cartoon idea and a drawing every day, making my notebooks very important to me.)

Toiletries bag (Not in extreme detail) (This bag I have arranged so that I use it every day, and when I need to go on a trip I can simply zip it up and have all of the things I normally use around my sink right there with me.)

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Tissues
  • Nail Clippers
  • Scissors
  • Comb
  • Floss
  • Trimmer
  • Deodorant
  • Mouthwash
  • Shampoo
  • Medicines
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Bulb Syringe
  • Stain Remover

Computer Bag (I don’t use this bag every day, but the items in it are in almost constant use, and if I need to go somewhere you can be certain I’ll pick it up.)

And that’s it for my summer 2015 EDC. I’ve slimmed the main parts down some and added a few more. I think that EDC is ever-evolving for most people, and for me it’s no different. Sometimes it changes day to day, and I want to try and get what is best for me specifically. I hope I’ve given you a few ideas, or showed you some things you may have forgotten about. And even if I didn’t, I hope you enjoyed reading it. I’m almost positive I’ll be doing it again in another 6 months.