48 Hour Filming Again

This year will be my fifth year at the Austin 48 Hour Film Project, despite the fact that I don’t live there. It is the closest one to me that isn’t in San Antonio, and so I actually want to go there. I don’t really go to compete, as my films are wildly under par as far as that’s concerned. I go to make a film with arbitrary constraints provided by other people, with some of mine on top. I really do enjoy it. Though I haven’t even been able to see my film on the big screen for the past several years due to me living so far away and “vacations” being expensive.

I will be in production while this is posted, and I hope I’m having fun. I encourage any other young filmmakers out there to try it out, just as an exercise. It works quite well.
I have several other things to do in the city while I’m there, but I thought this would be a nice, fun thing to post about, and it’s a bit of a tradition for me now. I’m not sure how many more I’ll do. Five is a nice number, but they have been infinitely helpful in improving the time I take to create and the equipment I have to make the films.

I’ve said a bunch of things about it, but really it is great! Especially so in a position like mine, where the result is a vacation where I get to see some old friends. I really do encourage anyone to try it out who is even partially willing, and even if it’s a ways away. And if you do, good luck!

48 Hour Filming

So I’m going to participate in the 48 hour film project. The problem is the nearest one is quite a ways away and so I need to pack. I’ve got all my gear ready, and am about to put it into its storage containers. I’ve gotten some other things to pack as well, but I have to finish my comics and such before I go. This blog post is also something I have to finish before I go.

The project will already be over by the time this post is released, and I will post the results online. But for now I’m going to muse a little about my past experiences.

For those of you who don’t know what the 48 hour film project is, it’s a contest where teams make films in 48 hours and submit them. I started when I was thirteen, so I was way younger than all the other teams, and this is my fourth year.

Each year has been a fun and informative rush to finish a film. I was just glad to have one done at the end of the first year. My equipment has steadily gotten better with each year, and my experience sharpened. It’s great to have something like this to practice on.

I’ve never felt like I made the best film at the screenings, but the rush and fun of writing, filming, and editing in two days is amazing. I’ve made films in shorter amounts of time, but never with a deadline, or any restrictions.

The story items they give you are great at inspiring but are also restricting. My second year’s film was shot in two takes and looks like one, taking place only around the exterior of a house. My third features and inter-galactic box.

It’s great fun with friends as you race around trying to get everything written, bought, assembled, and filmed. I edit alone, so only I feel that rush, but all the same. If you haven’t tried it and are into making short films I highly recommend going.