48 Hour Filming Again

This year will be my fifth year at the Austin 48 Hour Film Project, despite the fact that I don’t live there. It is the closest one to me that isn’t in San Antonio, and so I actually want to go there. I don’t really go to compete, as my films are wildly under par as far as that’s concerned. I go to make a film with arbitrary constraints provided by other people, with some of mine on top. I really do enjoy it. Though I haven’t even been able to see my film on the big screen for the past several years due to me living so far away and “vacations” being expensive.

I will be in production while this is posted, and I hope I’m having fun. I encourage any other young filmmakers out there to try it out, just as an exercise. It works quite well.
I have several other things to do in the city while I’m there, but I thought this would be a nice, fun thing to post about, and it’s a bit of a tradition for me now. I’m not sure how many more I’ll do. Five is a nice number, but they have been infinitely helpful in improving the time I take to create and the equipment I have to make the films.

I’ve said a bunch of things about it, but really it is great! Especially so in a position like mine, where the result is a vacation where I get to see some old friends. I really do encourage anyone to try it out who is even partially willing, and even if it’s a ways away. And if you do, good luck!

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