EDC (Everyday Carry) Part 4 – Backpack

And now I’m up to either the 4th or 5th tier of my EDC (depending on how one looks at it). And that is my backpack. I do live in an urban environment, so none of these items are directed at a survival situation. It seems slightly less modern than it should, and that’s more because I don’t feel the need to carry as many of the more modern tools of the world with me. That’s just my problem.

Fully loaded with all of the items from the lower tiers (which unfortunately or fortunately often create redundancies) it’s about 10 pounds, which I would consider a good middle ground between what should be carried at maximum, and what must be carried at minimum. It is still heavy enough to get tiresome, but not too bad, in my opinion. I can carry on a lengthy conversation while wearing it before my shoulders get sore.

It is also a bit bulky when filled, though I don’t fill it all the way in case I need to get groceries or something. It adds about a “me” again in depth to my person, and when fully filled, it ends up being “me and a half again”, and is quite silly looking. I try and keep it at a reasonably fashionable size, though I don’t end up doing that all of the time.

While I have organized the lower tiers of my EDC for convenience of carry, it seems that I prefer having all of my tools at the same time. So instead of carrying the lower tiers, I am much more likely to just carry around my backpack, even in social settings. I just don’t like only having the satchel or the fanny pack and the fewer flexible options they provide. Of course, my pockets and belt pouch are with me at all times, so my tiers end up being that, and then adding the backpack. So it is definitely my most important tier in that regard.

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• First Aid Kit (most of this is fairly ordinary, but important stuff, so I won’t go into too much depth. A lot of this is from an off-the-shelf first aid kit, so I’ll mostly talk about what I added.)
◦ Over 100 Various Adhesive Bandages(Plastic and Woven)
◦ Butterfly Closures
◦ Gauze Pads of Various Sizes (nonwoven and/or nonstick)
◦ Eye Pads
◦ Bandage roll
◦ Medical Gloves
◦ Moleskin (for blisters)
◦ Burn Cream Single-use pouches
◦ Insect Bite relief cloths
◦ Tweezers
◦ Cotton Swabs (applicators)
◦ Finger Splints
◦ Triangular bandage
◦ Safety Pins
◦ Paper Medical Tape
◦ Instant Cold Pack
◦ CPR barrier (surprisingly, this is from an off-the-shelf kit. I keep it right by the zipper so it can be accessed quickly.  It’s one of those items that only matters if you can get it out quickly.)
◦ American Red Cross First Aid Guide
◦ Space Blanket
◦ Emergency Scissors (the crooked kind)
◦ Antiseptic Towelettes
◦ Antibiotic Ointment (Single Packs)
◦ Alcohol Pads
◦ Thermometer
◦ Aspirin
◦ Ibuprofen
◦ Non-aspirin pain killer
◦ Neosporin (tube) (Lots of that can be needed, and it’ll last for a long time)
◦ Electrolyte Tablets
◦ Pill Fob
▪ Migraine Medication (more of those)
▪ Pain Killers
◦ Bandanna (always handy)
Israeli Bandage (for something slightly more serious than the rest of the kit will handle.  I’m not thinking I’ll be good enough with any of the tools to be the greatest help ever, but I do want something for the “oh my God, the blood” situations.  I’d really hate to have absolutely nothing in that situation. It still wouldn’t help with the “Oh God, there are parts of you everywhere!” situations…)
◦ Tampons (for nosebleeds, something I have far too often)
Snake Bite Kit (This one’s a bit controversial. I really have it to keep someone uneducated in the workings of snakebites calm. Having someone say “this will help you” is quite a calming thing. And the non-suction cup parts of the kit could be useful in other things. I’d never consider incisions or restricting blood flow to be an option)
▪ Suction Cups
▪ Scalpel
▪ Constriction Band
▪ Antiseptic

photo 3-2 photo 1-2
• Camera Bag Strap (For my belt pouch, and for the camera bag with a camera in here. In case I want to carry either on my shoulder for a time)
• Cord (Some inexpensive stuff, just in case)
• Poncho (This is a much heavier poncho than the other small ones I have. As you can tell, I hate to be stranded in the rain)
• Gloves (It’s cold out now, but even in the summer I carry some work gloves most of the time. I can never tell when I’m going to be called off to work on something. And in the winter I’ve taken to carrying both work and warm gloves. Some hand warmers are good things to carry too, but I’m not entirely convinced of their effectiveness.)
• Heavy-duty grocery store Bag (My city has outlawed disposable grocery bags. So I’m forced to carry a reusable plastic one. It’s not like I never re-used the disposable ones, so I guess it isn’t much of a hassle)
GermX (The world is covered in Germs, especially cities. I always want to sanitize my hands before a snack or an appetizer, hopefully when I’m eating a meal I can wash them)
• Leatherman Pouch (It was what I could affix to the pack strap)
Sabre Red Pepper Spray (Just in case I’m in a scenario where escape is difficult. Dissuading pursuit is at least an option. And with my pack on, using a knife for defense would be difficult. And since I can’t carry a firearm at the moment, something in between the two seemed necessary)
• Glasses Case (Self explanatory)
◦ Glasses
◦ Cleaning Cloth
• Cash Wallet (sometimes a Flex by Filofax) (My phone wallet doesn’t have much room. if I know I’m going to be spending money, I bring along some cash in another wallet, so that I won’t lose my phone and ID card if my wallet gets lost or taken. I’ve also experimented with using it to carry cards and notebooks, which is fun)
• Change Purse (I don’t like clanky, scratchy change)
• Fixed Blade Knife (Mossy Oak) (cheap, but better than a folder in some situations)
• Map of the local area (Austin TX) (my phone works as a map, but a backup is nice)
• Bandanas (can never have to many)
• Monocular (Golf Rangefinder) (just for some fun, bird-watching etc. Easier to carry than binoculars, and if someone’s golfing I’m the guy to talk to)
• Camera Pouch (Extra camera just in case something goes wrong with my phone {storage used up} and I want to take a picture, or someone else does)
◦ Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W1
◦ AA Batteries
• Game Pouch (I like games, and I feel weird in some situations where people are looking for something to do without them. I vary the card games sometimes)
Deck of Cards
Love Letter (Card Game)
• Multi-tool (Leatherman Juice CS4) (I keep the heavier corkscrew and saw model in an easy-to-access compartment at all times.  It’s so handy I almost wouldn’t believe, except for those added tools, that a Juice S2 would work just as well here)

photo 2-1 photo 4-1

So that’s (almost) the end of my EDC. My backpack contains quite a few items, and many of them have been used (thankfully, not the first aid kit). Many of them are more emergency items, though, and could be pared down considering how infrequently they are accessed. Still, I don’t want to be unprepared. I do enjoy having all of the tiers will me at all times, and tend to not find them too cumbersome, though there are times when they definitely need to be pared down to a level below. I’m still quite happy with the setup of my pack at the moment, though it is always in flux.

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