EDC (Everyday Carry) Part 3 – Satchel

The satchel tier of my EDC was once the most carried tier in my EDC. That has likely been replaced by either my belt pouch or backpack tiers, depending on how you look at it. I like the ease of carry, as well as the relative security, the satchel provided for my items. They are close to me at all times, and as long as the strap is good, they won’t likely fall or get snagged. Even with a filled satchel, it is easy to slip by people in tight spaces, whereas a backpack is more bulky and easier to steal.

Still, I just didn’t get the feeling that I was carrying all I wanted to, and what really killed it for me was the fact that there was no more room. I wanted to be able to bring home things I bought at the store, etc. And since I don’t use a car, something more substantial than the small satchel was necessary. I still do bust it out upon occasion, as it is a great little bag, but it just doesn’t hold up for me.

photo 1-4

photo 2-4

All of the items in both the belt pouch and the fanny pack are contained in the satchel as well as…


• Coleman Poncho (a second one, in case the first fails or I’m with another person.)
• Checkbook (Sometimes a check is a handy thing. I don’t use them very often, though,
due to time)
Bandana (In Texas, the main use is sweat clearance, but it has a thousand other functions)
• Survival Tin (Bear Grylls kit minus some stuff. This is just for fun, I have no intention of “surviving” with this stuff. But it could help me get out of a bad situation, or even a mildly unpleasant one)
◦ Knife (Gerber Mini Paraframe, partially serrated)
◦ Cord
◦ Waterproof Matches + Striker
◦ Cotton balls
◦ Whistle
◦ Flint + Steel
◦ Copper Wire (Snare Wire)
• Small First Aid Kit
◦ Bear Grylls Water resistant Bag/ziplock (With a red cross added)
▪ Forceps (I have a problem with splinters)
▪ Medical Gloves
▪ Tissue (For nosebleeds and such)
Johnson and Johnson first aid guide
▪ Waterproof Ziplock (I think most of the items in this bag are fairly self explanatory in their uses, this is really just a boo-boo kit, and has very little expanded capabilities. But I have been stranded an unfortunate amount of times away from home with a bleeding finger, and I guess I have thin blood because I bleed a lot.)
▪ Paper medical tape
▪ Electrolyte Tablets
▪ Single Use Neosporin packet
▪ Motrin
▪ Hand Cleansing Wipes
▪ Butterfly Closures
▪ Small Gauze Dressing
▪ Medium Non-Stick Pad
▪ Band Aids

photo 3-4

photo 4-4

The satchel is still my favorite method of carry, but not the most practical. I like what it brings to the table in my system by way of emergency items. However, not much of necessity is contained within. More survival-y items are in the lower tiers, and more first aid is in the higher. It would appear that It’s just the wrong size, and people keep calling it a purse, which I’m fine with, but it still feels weird.

Speaking of the higher tier, I’ll be talking about my EDC backpack in the next installment in this blog series.


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