Thoughts on InCoWriMo

InCoWriMo (international Correspondence Writing Month) just ended (February {written in early March}) and I was participating. I just wanted to say a few things about it.

I really enjoyed the process of writing letters and finding friends and family members who would be willing to read them and possibly reply. I worked on my handwriting to make everything look nice (because I’ll just say it: this was all really an excuse for me to use my pens and practice penmanship with some great things happening because of it). I sent letters to family members, far-away friends, and even interesting acquaintances. It was all rather exciting, but I still got to sit in my chair.

I will admit that I didn’t finish. I was struck by a string of migraines in the middle of the month that decimated my output of everything, including letters. I only got two-thirds of the way done. But it was a very rewarding two-thirds.

I haven’t received many letters back at this point, but I hope to. I have been writing letters for some time to various people and really enjoy getting letters back.

I just thought I should share, for any pen lovers out there, or people who want to write to people but don’t get around to it, there is this wonderful month put on by the people over at and You should definitely try it out next year. I know I will.

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