Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Truckiness

Dragon Co. has launched a Kickstarter project that can be viewed here:

“What is this project about?” I hear you ask. Well, have you ever been looking with your eyes, seen a truck and thought, “that truck looks really trucky, but is it truckier than the other trucks?” That is a question that calls out to be answered. And now it finally can be with this project, which will fund a website where photos of trucks can be submitted and rated by viewers to finally determine which truck is more trucky (may change with additional trucks).


Speak Your Mind 175 #871-875


1. Does it bother you to hold worms?

2. Do you think it’s important to learn how to type?

3. Have you ever ridden in the back of a truck?

4. Do you like long fingernails or short fingernails on children?

5. Do you think 20 year olds who live with their parents should pay rent?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Not really, but I don’t hold too many worms.

2. Yes, especially with how much we use computers these days.

3. Yes, quite a few times unfortunately.

4. It depends on what they do, but short seems better for most people.

5. It depends on what they do, and what they are planning to do, but I would say yes generally.

Speak Your Mind 23 #111-115

1. How do you think life would be different if you lived in the north pole?

2. Do you think it is safe to ride in the back of a truck?

3. Didi you watch Sesame Street when you were little?

4. Do you have one or two pillows on your bed?

5. Have you ever had a broken bone?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. It would be quite a lot colder, and involve more starving I think.

2. Depends where you are and who is driving, but as a general rule, no. Unless it’s some type of transport truck like a semi or a military truck then yes.

3. Very little unfortunately. But I had the discovery channel and toy soldiers.

4. I have one pillow, I have two to. So I have two.

5. No, I have not once broken a bone in my body.