Table Topics Family 67 #133-134


1. If you could go to the Olympics in one sport which would you choose?

2. Should kids be forced to try new foods?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. If I’m making one up… Pillow fighting. One that’s already there, probably distance running of some kind. Perhaps table tennis, yes that one.

2. No, they should certainly be encouraged to, they can be forced to smell it. The number of foods that I can’t eat because they will make me vomit is incredible, and I would hate to be forced to eat them. I can usually tell if I don’t like it by the smell usually. So encourage, but don’t force. I could live my whole life on hamburgers and not care, and I’m fine with that.

Speak Your Mind 136 #676-680


1. Do you like to run?

2. How many cans of pop do you usually drink in one day?

3. Can you remember what you wore for a Halloween costume in first grade>

4. Do you like to eat curly noodles?

5. What class are you most likely to get a bad grade in?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Not, really, though I don’t dislike it.

2. I used to drink 2, now I’m down to none.

3. I was a soldier.

4. Yes, they are as good as any noodle.

5. An elective.

Speak Your Mind 66 #326-330


1. Who is the head librarian at this school?

2. Do you think a lot of students in the school use drugs?

3. What do you think about having your hair permed?

4. Name one good thing about running two miles?

5. When are you most likely to not pay attention when you should be paying attention?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. I no longer go to school and don’t know.

2. At the school I went to I think about 87% of students did. (actually I’m positive)

3. I wouldn’t really like it, I’m fine with my hair.

4. The ability to run two miles.

5. I don’t not pay attention when I need to.