Speak Your Mind 172 #856-860


1. Do you like to blow up balloons?

2. Do you think high school students are mature enough to drive?

3. Do you think life was less fulfilling in the days before radio?

4. Do you drink a lot of orange juice?

5. In what ways do you think people are like pigs?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Not particularly.

2. Not in the slightest.

3. No, but it really depends.

4. Yes,  I drink way too much.

5. In ways that are not being pink, having no vocal cords and standing on four legs.

Speak Your Mind 52 #256-260


1. How many chairs are in your living room?

2. Do you like to draw?

3. Do you like orange juice?

4. Do you have trouble sleeping in total darkness?

5. Would you like a foot long hot dog for lunch?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Depends on which living room 4 or 6.

2. Yes, I draw a lot.

3. Yes, I have it every morning.

4. No, the light doesn’t affect when I sleep.

5. No, I;m nut sure how keen I am on hot dogs.