Review – Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus Rex Lockdown Playset

As you might have guessed from my last Jurassic World toy review, I am a Jurassic Park fan, and a T. Rex fan. And while most of the toys from the current Jurassic World toyline didn’t interest me, a few did. The first one being the Chomping T Rex I previously reviewed, and the second being the T. Rex lockdown playset that I will be looking at this time.


The first part of this set is a T. Rex figure that is just a repackaged Basher and Biter T. Rex. It has the same paint, the same terrible proportions, and the same poor gimmick. I’m not as bothered by the many easily visible screw-holes as others seem to be, but they are a mark of getting a lesser quality product. Overall, it’s a disappointing figure that I wouldn’t have purchased on its own. It does offer some play value with its head biting and thrashing gimmick (this is accomplished by moving the tail) but there are too many faults to catch up on. At least it is almost the right size to look like a juvenile next to the larger Tyrannosaurus figure.


The other parts of the set that are not the fence are even more disappointing. The gyrosphere is really bad. It is a small sphere of plastic with a cardboard cutout of a person inside. And there seems to be a problem in the manufacturing/packaging of this product that scratches each ball in the same place (though this could be dino-damage, another thing Jurassic park toys have been doing forever that I’m not really a fan of). I just wish this set had come with a human figure to get eaten, even if he was one of the little dinky figures the rest of the line came with, instead of this ball of plastic that can barely be played with and almost (if not entirely) breaks the suspension of disbelief in toys. The other thing is the net launcher, a weird looking hook with a spring that you put a piece of rubber on and fling it across the room. I guess it’s relatively safe and it will knock the dinos down, but it won’t look like you “captured” them with a net. Still I can almost see it being a fun toy to mess with; I just wish they had used that plastic to go toward something better. If they had combined the gyrosphere and net launcher plastic and made a better version of one or the other I would be happy, but here I’m just disappointed. Both of these items went back into the box.


And finally, there is the good part of the set, and it doesn’t disappoint (for the price and size of the set at least): the fence and gate. Both of them look like redone (and slightly smaller) versions of the Jurassic Park gate that came with the command compound all of those years ago. It’s more film accurate to the Jurassic Park original than the sequel, but it looks quite nice, and the logo sticker is well done. The gate itself is smaller so older vehicles won’t fit through, and while the fences are smaller they are more solidly built, and it seems like this set should stand up to play pretty well. Some of the assembly points for the gate might be weak, but they are still stronger than the older version. There is also a secondary gate with a silly gimmick for the gyrosphere to smash through. It looks good when stood up, but I think the “shock” gimmick could have been improved. Still, it’s a decent play feature. The fences and gates are pretty well sized to keep the small bashers and biters figures in, but not really any of the larger ones.

I should mention at this point that I didn’t pay the MSRP of $25-$30, I paid $20 for this set. And, as a collector, I think the fences and gate were worth the money. But I’m not sure I would pay an extra $5-$10 for all of the rest of the junky plastic in the box. The dinosaur, gyroshpere, and net launcher are sub-par toys and display pieces, and the fence is a bit smaller than I think it really should be. I still don’t regret the purchase. I like it, and most collectors know of the problems with the Jurassic World toyline. As a toy for kids it would highly depend on the kid whether or not the set is worth it. It’s just bordering the price line where exactly how much they will like it really counts. Fun can be had with the set, but I might look elsewhere first for higher-quality toys. And as for collectors, I’d recommend waiting to get a deal on this one. It is one of the two pieces of the Jurassic World toys I would say are essential for fans, though, and maybe a little expense is justified.


Review – Jurassic World Chomping T-Rex

I’m a Jurassic Park fan and general dinosaur enthusiast. I make that no secret. I have a collection of Jurassic Park toys that is likely physically larger than any of my other toy collections. Every time I hear that new toys are coming out in the line, I get excited. Unfortunately, so many toys that I want come out so often and I have less money to spend on them, especially since I’ve shifted my “toy” purchasing to that of the electronic and tool kind, so that I can justify them as being “useful”. This means I have to be selective about what toys I buy. And after looking at the mostly uninteresting Jurassic World toy line, I chose the Chomping T-Rex figure.


I won’t say I’m really that disappointed with it. I’m just underwhelmed. For a $15 kids toy it’s great. But I’ve seen Hasbro do so much more at that price range as well. And I’m not sure it’s worth the regular $20 price and definitely not the $30-$40 it can be found for on eBay already. I’ve never found the Jurassic Park toys to be great toys, but they were far and away the best dinosaur toys out there. And that’s what I’m really disappointed in: the state of dinosaur toys now and always. They never get better, even though it’s been proven that every single kid loves dinosaurs. As far as “toys” (The Papo models are awesome, but they have almost no movement, so I wouldn’t call them toys) go, Jurassic Park (World) is still the best. Now, getting back to this toy. I like it. The articulation is limited (another thing I wish dino toys would improve on: a little less scaly skin, a little more joints in the knees.) The limbs rotate at the elbows and hips. There is a button on the top and pressing it opens the mouth. The action is solid and looks good, but is unsatisfying.


The detailing is good, the scales look nice and it’s fairly dino-looking, if not scientifically accurate. The paint is lackluster, and it is sparsely applied. And many of the sculpted details (the finger claws are the most noticeable) are not painted at all. It could have been done much better, but it’s adequate. I’d say the play value is fairly limited as it only really stands one way, so the movement in the limbs isn’t very useful, and the jaw action prevents the jaw from being held open for roaring, but it does aid in holding figures in its mouth. The entire thing is pretty solid, though the spring is the weakest link, so it’s good for rampaging.

Overall, pretty much everything could be improved, even for $15. The detail, paint, and articulation are above the bar, but the bar is really low. The jaw mechanism is uninspired, but it works, as does the overall design. As a kids toy it’s fine; as a collector’s model to display there are better looking ones, but this one is branded, and a bit cheaper in some places. I don’t really have much reason to recommend it, but no reason to hate it either; I’m meh on the review side. (But on the personal side I’m very happy with it, and I’m not entirely sure why.)

So… I Saw some Trailers

So, I haven’t done one of these “so” things in a while, and I just saw the trailers for a few movies, and I want to talk about them because I am excited about them, even though like most movies released in the past few years I likely won’t see them because I have no time ever.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Just a tease really: you get to see an X-wing, the Millennium Falcon, and a couple of other cool things. I saw some people who were talking about how it’s good a black person is in the trailer. And that seems kinda silly to me. I hope he’s just in the stormtrooper outfit as a disguise, though, because I have the same problem with a black stormtrooper as I had with women and aliens being in the Empire’s military. It just doesn’t fit. Part of the evil was that everyone was a strong white dude. And the rebels had strong white dudes, strong black dudes, strong women, and strong aliens. Making the Empire more inclusive makes them less evil. My thought was “oh, a black guy in a stormtrooper outfit… wait, aren’t stormtroopers bad guys?”

Jurassic World. I have the same problem with this trailer as I had with the military dinosaurs idea that was being tossed around quite a few years ago, when I had a site like “” bookmarked. I looked at it every day because I love the movies, and the books, and just everything about it in general. I’m not too sure about the genetically modified dinosaur, but that’s more in execution than a problem as part of both the books and movies was that they didn’t faithfully recreate the dinosaurs and that caused problems. I will have to wait and see if they do the trained raptors well. They could be great, but they could also be awful, and I like the idea of at least someone realizing, (what was the point of the books?), that making dinosaurs and meddling around with DNA for profit is a bad idea.

Terminator Genisys. As an action movie, this looks awesome. As an addition to the Terminator franchise, it looks better than 3 or 4, which both made the points of the previous movies entirely moot for different reasons. It’s weird how each Terminator movie is in almost a different genre. Terminator was horror, Judgement Day was action and suspense, Rise of the Machines was action comedy, and Salvation was post-apocalyptic. We forgot the aesthetic and point of the entire series. I wouldn’t say Salvation was a bad movie (I have a hard time saying that about any movie) but it did miss the point. This one looks like it will still screw with the point of the end of 2, which was that everything was final, and that things could get better if we were better prepared, and maybe machines could be empathetic, and it was uplifting and optimistic. And 3 just threw that away. So now we have this one, and I hope it at least references the previous movies in an entertaining and well-written way.