Table Topics Chit Chat 16 #31-32


1. What Chore would you love to never do again?

2. What’s your ideal work environment?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Probably laundry, or sweeping, but likely laundry,

2. Something similar to what I have now. And office with easy access to food and people I work with that could still be closed off. And desks situated next to each other for various purposes, writing drawing etc. Maybe a window, but with blackout curtains.

Speak Your Mind 152 #756-760


1. People often hold money between their lips to free their hands. Do you think this is a problem?

2. What would you rather buy: a comic book or some stickers?

3. Do you like to take pictures?

4. Do you ever have to take the garbage out?

5. Do you think daylight savings time is a good idea?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. I’ve never seen anyone do this, and I would consider it a problem.

2. A comic book gets you way more milage for sure.

3. Yes, but not of important events, I like mindless pictures.

4. Yes, that is my chore, or one of them.

5. Yes, but I think it should be permanent daylight savings time.