Table Topics Family 20 #39-40


1. How are you different from everyone else?

2. What would you like to change about your school?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Man I wish I’d thought about this more, but there is at least one thing about me that is different when compared to any other person. So… Everything.

2. The same answer (all the heavy-hitters today folks) everything.

So… I was Hitting Myself in the Face with a Golf Club

So I was hitting myself in the face with a golf club. I’m not sure why, I think someone paid me to do it. I don’t remember now. I then started wandering off to the green. I fell down and stared at the sky, wondering just why I had been hitting myself in the face. For the first time, I realized just how many options I had. I realized I could have not hit myself in the face, I could have hit someone else in the face. I could have jumped off the cliff near the green.

There were so many possible things I could do. So many possible paths in life, each one infinitely affecting every other process in the universe. I rolled over and stared at the grass. If I had decided to pluck enough of it it might die. And then some grass feeding animal in the future might die, or have to go to a greener pasture. And that animal going to that greener pasture might displace some other animal which would create a travel trail, and then someone might follow it a build a house. And who even knows what could happen from there.

I was amazed at the possibilities. I got up and looked around. All the different worlds that could happen from the most minor of decisions. I ran to find someone, anyone to tell them about my new enlightenment. But no one was there. That was no problem. I knew how much I affected the world now. How much each and every decision I and everyone else made affected the very fabric of everything.

I ran off. I knew everything now. I could see the future that I could create. It was a wonderful feeling.

Man, people should hit themselves in the face with golf clubs more often.