Speak Your Mind 102 #506-510


1. Why do you think people get personalized license plates?

2. Would you rather be alone or with people?

3. Where does your family usually buy groceries?

4. Do you like to ride on ferris wheels?

5. Do you have trouble sleeping if there is a lot of noise?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. To boost their ego, or because they think it looks nice.

2. Alone most of the time, but it really does depend on when you’re talking about.

3. There is only one chain in town, we go to the closest one.

4. I have never ridden on one, and I have no interest.

5. No, I have trouble sleeping if there’s movement though. (car)

Speak Your Mind 71 #351-355


1. If an artist drew a caricature of you, what do you think the main feature would be?

2. Do you like your toenails to be long or short?

3. Have you ever gone to disney world?

4. What would you do if you were left alone at home?

5. Do you know how to swim?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Probably my hair.

2. Short so they don’t get caught on anything.

3. No, I don’t like amusement parks, they don’t give my mind enough to do.

4. I have been, and I just get more work done, I’m boring.

5. Not very well, but yes.


Speak Your Mind 37 #181-185


1. Do you like chocolate very well?

2. What is one thing that makes you sad?

3. Do you usually eat in the school cafeteria?

4. Can you remember what you wore as a halloween costume in the 4th grade?

5. Do you think it would bother you to live in a country where you could not vote?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Yes, chocolate is one of my favorite things.

2. Being alone.

3. When I was in school I did.

4. I was a soldier.

5. Yes, it would bother me quite a bit.