Speak Your Mind 15 #71-75


1. What is an animal you are afraid of?

2. Do you have any older brothers?

3. What size shoes do you wear?

4. What should a person do if his/her name is mispronounced?

5. Do you like your fingernails ling or short?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Anything that can kill me with venom, and cockroaches, those things are freaky.

2. Yes, I have one older brother.

3. I wear 12s or 13s depending on the brand.

4. First make sure that the person was talking to them (that happens to me sometimes when there are five Austin’s and two Justin’s) and then politely correct their pronunciation.

5. I like them as long as I can get them without them getting in the way. They’re more useful that way.

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