Cleaning The Dishwasher

I don’t clean out the dishwasher. I just don’t. I have no idea why. Okay, well, I do clean it, but it takes so long for such a small task. And maybe I do know why. It is just the way my mind works. I feel like it is just unimportant. When I am reminded of it I just put it to the back of my mind. To my mind I have more important things to do. I don’t know what they are right now but they must be much more important then something as menial as cleaning the dishes. What wonderful things could I be doing instead of putting up the dishes? But most of the time what I do is not as important as cleaning the dishes. However I still could be missing something, and because I was putting up the dishes I could miss the most amazing thing that I could ever do, or the path to do so. The act of putting up the dishes is pushed to the back of my mind, I always have to do something else first, even if that is just sleeping on the couch.

Does this reflect something in me? Does anyone else have problems with cleaning out the dishwasher? I like to work. Sometimes I find work to do. Sometimes I just make it. But I can’t empty the dishwasher. And I can’t take out the trash. My mind just doesn’t click with that. I can’t tell if it is simply something that is wrong with me or what. Most other people I know can do basic chores. But they also are generally able to simply drop what they are doing to get it done. I can’t. To me it is all about finishing what I’m doing now. If I stop I lose steam and will never finish it. I will have a half finished thing taking up space on my shelf forever. I just have to finish. And to finish I can’t clean out the dishwasher. I just have do end up doing something wonderful and to do so I can’t let the dishwasher slow me down. (I think, or I could be completely wrong!)

But even if I am wrong nothing has been able to get me to clean it out any faster. I guess I’m just stuck with a full, clean dishwasher forever.

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