EDC (Every Day Carry) Part 1- Pockets and Belt Pouch

Well, it’s the New Year, and what better way to start off than by looking at the system I’ve developed for carrying around things that I need, and describing what the things that I need are? (I could’ve just made a resolution, but I don’t like to do those).

I’ve divided my system up in to what amounts to tiers. And while sometimes these change, based on my needs when I leave the house, for the most part they remain the same.

In the first part, I’m going to be talking about what is always with me in my pockets. I’ve also included the belt pouch here for two reasons: first, is that it doesn’t have many items, so making it its own post would be silly; and second, because I have it on me almost every day. Since, for the most part, the lower tiers will be placed inside the higher tiers of my EDC, many of the things I would normally have in my pockets are simply kept in my belt pouch, allowing me to easily access them and to free up my pockets for other things. (When I was a kid I thought pockets were for carrying back home the things you found or bought, not carrying around things you already had, and I prefer that function.)
Here’s the list of what I carry, with a little bit about the more important items:

Taken with my iPhone, so that's not pictured.

Taken with my iPhone, so that’s not pictured.


Phone/wallet: iPhone 4s. (I really like this phone, and have liked the later models less and less. This model, and a slim leather wallet case, have held up for me almost since the phone’s release. There’s nothing special about the wallet, except that it has very little room for cash or band aids.)

• Knife (Sanrenmu 7010: A cheap Chinese knife that works very well and I’m not afraid of losing. I do occasionally swap out the knife I carry.)

• Altoids Smalls Tin. (This is more of an emergency McGyver kit, and has all of the things that I want on me, but won’t use very often. It fits nicely in a watch pocket or a change pocket in jeans and slacks.)

◦ Knife (Opinel No. 2:  Soooo Small).
◦ Matches and striker.
◦ Cotton Ball.
◦ String.
◦ Nail (A small, finishing-type nail.)
◦ Paperclip.
◦ Electrical Tape.
◦ Migraine Medication. (For me this is one of the most important things, hinted at by the fact I have it everywhere!)
◦ Band-Aid.
◦ Cash $10 American.

• Keys

Key Pouch (a very nice, handmade thing I found on Etsy, from Bulgaria. I hate keys rattling around and possibly scratching things. The screws in this will still scratch, but more predictably. And it does make the keys quite a bit larger so it’s not for everyone)
◦ Multi-tool (Leatherman Micra) (I considered the Leatherman Style CS or PS, but the scissors were the most important part for me, and in the “other tools” department the Micra is more robust than the CS {and I certainly don’t need the knife on the CS}, plus I like the look of the Micra more.)
◦ Whistle (Nothing special. I’m looking for a more flat whistle as the irregular size of mine makes it hard to fit in most places.)
◦ Flashlight (Maglite Solitaire) (This one I found broken in a drawer in my house and fixed it. Other than that, the only reason I use it is because it is completely flat and round, with no protruding mirror, grip, or button. It’s great at fitting anywhere, and being easily retrievable. Next, I need an LED one.)
Tape Measure (This is the first extra item I carried on my keys. I have no idea why!)

• Pocket Book (Field Notes/Rhodia).  I always wear shirts with a breast pocket, so a notebook is always a nice, useful thing to put in there.

• Pen (Zebra f-301) (A good pen. I use a lot of pens, but usually this one if I’m going outside, just because it’s both sturdy and unassuming.)

• Watch (Cheap Armitron, Walmart Band). I hate stretching watch bands, so I replaced the one that came with my watch. (Also, this is not technically in a pocket.)

• EDC Altoids tin. (Sometimes, see later post.  It depends on how large my pockets are.)

• Keychain and Altoids tin (For the sake of pocket space).

• Second (work) phone (Samsung Tracphone). (The minutes cost more than this phone did. The only problem is texting {unless you need apps}, but since I only use it for work calls it’s great, and really robust for how cheap it was)

Bic Mini Lighter (I don’t smoke, but fire is useful, and sometimes I’m unfortunately around people who smoke.)

• Bandages (More of these to come).

• Alcohol Swabs.

• Electrolyte Tablets (dehydration is a real problem in Texas, less so where I live now, but when I visit my family back in the desert, having these with a large amount of water could save quite a bit of trouble.

photo 4


Most people find that the pocket EDC is the most important part of their systems, and I am no exception. What you always leave the house with is the only thing that will matter in many situations. And while I usually leave with one of my higher tiers of EDC equipment, I can say that I never leave without my pocket EDC. Since I developed it, I haven’t left without my belt pouch, either. I put this stuff in my pockets every day, and while I don’t always need to use it (phone wallet is the most used thing, for sure) it’s great to have it there. Just today I needed my knife to cut some rope, the lighter to burn the ends and prevent fraying, and my Micra scissors to cut paper.

I’ve used almost every item in this set, and what I haven’t is stuff that I know I will be super glad I have when I need it. These are things that most people carry around because they are so handy, and I would recommend that most people carry around such things, though perhaps not as extensive an array as mine (I have three blades and two ways to make fire just here). Pocket EDC is super important, and it’s great to have an organized one.

Next time I’ll be looking at my least-worn EDC tier, the Fanny Pack.



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