Blog 6-4-12 Updates

So here’s the updates for the past 3 weeks, I’m slow on the draw with these ones, especially since I’m posting this two days late. I hope to get back to weekly updates soon with all the stuff I should be doing in the next couple of weeks.


Spiffy 5859606162636465, and 66

One Off Beat 2021, and 22

Stickies 2728293031, and 32

Stamped 1415, and 16

All life, no lemons 1112, and 13

Tasteless 9


Vlog 5-31-12 – Catching up


New blog – Art Supply Critic – A blog where I review some of the things people use to make art, there is some stuff there right now, and more should come quickly.

Review – 20-pound copy paper – I’ll be posting new reviews from this blog along with articles and everything else. Check out the first one.


Dragon undertow – A new blog where I post things that I see that I think are funny. I don’t want to clutter up my main site with other peoples stuff and make it look unorganized. Just think of it as my version of an average tumblr.

Blog post – I didn’t like the new Hitman Trailer – A new “thing” on the Hitman trailer. Not sure if this “thing” will become a “thing” or a feature. It may be just a one-off where I have to vent.

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