Video – Why buy a Deck Builder’s Toolkit? (Winston Draft)

As mentioned in the video my original “cut” was about 13 minutes of me not getting to the point quickly enough. At times it seems I am a chronic over-explainer and at the time it Continue reading

My Books are Available Now!

Hey guys I’m very excited, and those of you who like All life, no lemons and Panzerkampfwagen should be, too, because I’ve made books out of both of them that can be bought on Createspace (more money goes to me) or Amazon (for your convenience) If you are late in buying Christmas presents, they can ship really fast (Amazon Prime shipping still applies!) Or, if you like the comics and want to see them in glorious paper form (it’s at least glorious to me!) you can pick up a copy and help me out at the links below. And even if you don’t, thank you for enjoying my comics and happy holidays!




Speak Your Mind 193 #961-965


1. Do you have any moles?

2. If you could go to a concert tonight, who would you like to see?

3. Should a five year old be spanked for wetting the bed?

4. Which would you rather buy: a shirt or some shoes?

5. What is your favorite Christmas song?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. No, not on my body or in my yard.

2. Well, I likely wouldn’t but Jukebox the Ghost would be cool, or if we’re going crazy I would go back in time and see the Beatles.

3. That depends on the understanding of the five year old and the amount of times he’s wet the bed.

4. That depends on what I need most at the moment.

5. Like, White Christmas probably, I’m not that into any Christmas songs.