Speak Your Mind 66 #326-330


1. Who is the head librarian at this school?

2. Do you think a lot of students in the school use drugs?

3. What do you think about having your hair permed?

4. Name one good thing about running two miles?

5. When are you most likely to not pay attention when you should be paying attention?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. I no longer go to school and don’t know.

2. At the school I went to I think about 87% of students did. (actually I’m positive)

3. I wouldn’t really like it, I’m fine with my hair.

4. The ability to run two miles.

5. I don’t not pay attention when I need to.

Speak Your Mind 64 #316-320


1. Are you allergic to any foods?

2. Do you check books out of the library very often?

3. Would you rather live in a big town or a little town?

4. When do you plan to (or when did you) stop going trick or treating?

5. Do you think american men will ever wear dresses?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. No that I know of.

2. I prefer to own books, so no.

3. A little town, I like the nothing.

4. I stopped going about when I was 12.

5. No, I think dresses as clothes are on their way out.