Morgan’s Revenge Game – In the Collection

As a person who grew up around dreidels, I know a thing or two about poorly designed top games to keep kids quiet (I think two is the max though). And that’s exactly what Morgan’s Revenge is, a “game” where one spins a top and sees what happens. Gambling at its most basic and silly.

The package comes in a nice canvas, drawstring bag, with the name printed on. Apparently, they’ve trademarked Captain Morgan’s face though. On the back mine says “Fort Worth Zoo”, I don’t know what the relation is there since I’ve never been. As might be inferred from that I did indeed get this second-hand, and unfortunately, I have no instructions. Fortunately, the game is as simple as can be and if you know what the letters/numbers on the side of the top mean you’ll never forget how to play.

To play each player gets a number of coins (there are 12 included, half of which are silver and say “2” but should probably just be used as singles for the purposes of the game {and you’ll probably want more coins anyway if you’re playing with more than 2 players}) and then everyone places one coin in the middle. Each player then takes a turn spinning the top and doing whatever action it lands on. The six action are: take a coin from the middle, take 2 coins from the middle, take all the coins from the middle (and I think, wonderfully enough, everyone has to put one coin out at this point), put a coin in the middle, put 2 coins in the middle, and everyone puts a coin into the middle. So as you can tell it’s super fun and interesting… for children… for a few minutes. At least the top can be persuaded to spin well enough to be entertaining for a little while.

Actually, the production’s quite nice, and the coins are very realistic (besides having “copy” stamped in them) and weighty, being made out of real metal. And the nice heavy metal top is fun to fondle and spin a bit. It goes together well and fits nicely in the bag, but I suspect that, like me, people are really buying this for the coins, and not for any entertainment factor that may come from randomly taking coins out of and putting them back into a pile in a manner that is very similar to one many Jewish people know but never had any interest in actually doing. It’s a nice little souvenir if you don’t think much about it (like most souvenirs).

Things that will get You Punched in the Mouth – Fixed Dice

So I was at the dollar store the other day. Inside were these. 20130215-233715.jpg

These are a set of regular dice and a set of dice that only rolls seven or eleven. One of the “fixed” dice has only fives and the other has half sixes and half threes.

20130215-233722.jpg 20130215-233728.jpg 20130215-233734.jpg

Is there actually a human being alive that thinks this won’t get them punched in the mouth immediately? I mean, there is not even a way too cheat someone with these subtly. If someone takes even a close look at the dice it’s very obvious that one has only fives. I guess you’re supposed to play some kind of trick involving the other (regular) dice, but even that seems improbable to pull off with anyone other than a complete idiot.

They’re a great novelty, but they aren’t really very great. I mean, I can roll them on my table and laugh, but I don’t really want to get punched in the mouth. This is possibly one of the worst ideas I’ve ever seen. I have no idea why anyone would make this. I also have no idea why I bought them.