Speak Your Mind 113 #561-565


1. Why do you think people like to play sports?

2. How many pounds do you think you could carry in a suitcase?

3. Di you think it would be fun to chop wood as your only source of heat?

4. What is something that makes you feel left out?

5. Do you think families should go to church?

ANSWERS By:  Austin Smith

1. Because they offer us an arbitrary way to test our skills and definitely (with no ambiguity) win or lose.

2. About 70, up to 90 probable, but only around 40 comfortably.

3. No, not really, I don’t like to chop that much.

4. The world.

5. If they al believe, then yes, it should strengthen their family bonds, and there is a link to going to church and living longer.

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