Moving Mountains

It feels like I’ve been moving mountains. I know I haven’t been, but it feels like it, at least it does now. In a few years I’ll look back and say ‘man that was easy, why can’t now be like then’. Of course, that’s what I think now about school. That was way too easy.

Anyway, you might wonder what I’ve been doing. Well, aside from my current schedule of providing from two to four pieces of content a day, I’ve been: Registering two LLCs with the state, getting DBAs for those two companies, working on advertising, and finishing up and publishing two websites, et cetera. (I also had to deal with some banks that wouldn’t let me get an account, so that failed.)

This may sound easy to some people, especially parts of it. But to me right now that was almost overwhelming. Okay, that might not be the right word, but I’ll go with it.

I’m not exactly sure what to say about the experience. It wasn’t actually difficult, it just felt that way, and it was very time-consuming. I guess time-consuming things are more difficult just based on premise. There were several hiccups, though not as many as I expected, being a few years ‘too young’ to be doing this kind of thing.

Everything has gone along smoothly as far as resistance is concerned though, most of the hiccups were easily gone around, though that was the longer path. The main problem has been that my work has suffered from doing these things. Paper work takes time, especially by mail, so between filling out forms, mailing them, and waiting for them I’ve used up a large chunk of time that I was previously using to create more content. Though most of the content is still eventually being created, it is sometimes late, and is really crunching my schedule. Most of these things are done, but things like the site meta-data are still works in progress.

This is really more of a blog update than an article or something. I just thought it was sort of interesting considering it has been consuming my life for a little while now. I hope anyone who cares was interested and I hope I didn’t kill anyone else with boredom. This has been a long process, but it is still much more gratifying than anything I did in school. And I hope all reading this will get to enjoy the future things I create because of this process.

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