“Woodstock” Harmonica Keychain – In the Collection

As a man with many harmonicas who has been “playing” them for years (I made a couple hundred doing that once), of course I would jump at the chance to have one on my keychain, which is apparently a possibility I had hitherto not considered.

Well, actually it won’t go with my keys. If I put every novelty keychain I own on my belt I would quickly end up with many times more chain than key, but it’s the thought that counts, really. Indeed, though, if you wanted one on your keys they are available from companies like Hohner, everyone’s favorite blues harp company, and many other, likely Chinese, manufacture’s who will engrave anything you want on to them. Mine says “Woodstock” and other than some nameless company capitalizing on a famous event I have no other explanation of why it says that, nor clue a about who made it.

Fortunately they (at least mine) do play, which slightly justifies their probably-on-the-high-side (but still cheap) cost, actually being made out of brass and steel with a plastic insert and held together by screws. I couldn’t get mine apart because, while I did have a small enough screwdriver, I didn’t have anything to hold the nut on the other end. Out in the wild they seem to last for a while on the keys, and make for a nice conversation starter/intro to your new “folksy” single.

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