Updates – 7-12-14

There are going to be a few changes to the Dragon Company blog and connected sites in the near future, though nothing major.

The first thing is that while I was going to shut down the Art Supply Critic Blog, I have decided that it should remain up as it is with a new URL. Both the main Dragoncompany.org site and the Art Supply Critic Blog will receive future art supply reviews indefinitely.

Secondly, the Dragoncompany.wordpress.com blog has been shut down and will no longer be receiving any updates. Anything that would have gone to that site will now be posted on the main site.

And thirdly, Tumblr has now been linked up to the main site, so Tumblr will now receive some if not all blog and article posts from the main site. The communication box and the art supply reviews will be linked back to Dragoncompany.org instead of Communicationbox.wordpress.com and Artsupplycritic.com respectively.

So the Dragon Company active site network as it is now is: Dragoncompany.org, Dragonfunnies.com, Artsupplycritic.com, and Communicationbox.wordpress.com with most if not all material appearing on Dragoncompany.tumblr.com. Various other third-party platforms are still being used to host some material but anything created by Dragon Company will appear on any of these sites for the foreseeable future.

Thank you for reading both this post and anything else we have done.

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