Unknown Skeleton Model Kit (Snap-fit)


So I picked up this model kit from a thrift store and thought it would be fun to do a quick little post about assuming it is all there as it is out of its package. (Spoiler: It’s not all there)


Here are most of the sprues laid out.


And again from a better angle.


I assembled the skull first, it’s made of four pieces and the jaw is articulated.


Side view. The plastic is surprisingly soft and flexible, making it east to cut and clean with a regular EXACTO blade.


Simply plugging the spine in. (I did  not use the clippers show to do anything, the plastic was far too soft.


The ribs are interesting as they slot into each other at the front and also through the spine, not simply into the spine.


Fully assembled ribcage.


The shoulder blades have two holes in which they plug in to.


The arms are three separate pieces and have articulation in all the right places. They also support the collar bone.


The pelvis is placed almost exactly like the ribs, except it plugs directly into the spine.


The fully assembled legs have roughly the same articulation as the arms, no ball joints unfortunately. I actually got the orientation on the lower legs wrong at first and had to disassemble them, the soft plastic of the joints tore off almost completely in doing so, but they still held long enough for being popped in on the other side and they still do bend.


Fully assembled model with non-fully assembled stand, most of which is missing. (I didn’t say any vital parts were missing)


Hand size comparison, it’s about a foot tall or so, blends with larger GI Joes really well.

The soft plastic is a problem, but is also helpful, so it’s hit and miss with this one, I just wish it had better articulation.

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