Table Topics Chit Chat 50 #99-100


  1. If you could wear anything to work what would you wear?
  2. Which fictional character do you wish you could meet?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

  1. What I wear now (I’m boring and practical)
  2. I don’t know, none of them ever act quite like real people and I think that would throw me off.


Speak Your Mind 157 #781-785


1. What is your school mascot?

2. Do you like to shop for clothes?

3. How often do you think girls should wear dresses?

4. Is you locker neat?

5. Why do you think good fairies are almost always female?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. When I was in school the mascot was a buck.

2. I don’t dislike it, but I’m not excited about it either.

3. I don’t like dresses, so I think never.

4. It was when I was in school.

5. Because as a species we associate women with birth, and caring, and such, which are generally considered good traits.

Speak Your Mind 110 #546-550


1. Do you think 16 year olds should be allowed to vote?

2. How do you feel about sharing clothes with your brothers and sisters?

3. What do you think is a good number of kittens for a cat to have?

4. Have you ever been bitten by a person?

5. Do you wear a watch?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. No, I know 16 year olds, and they definitely should not.

2. Never had too, wouldn’t do it, I trust no one with my stuff.

3. Three or four, not too many, but not too few.

4. Yes, in a fight.

5. Yes, all the time, it’s fantastic.


Speak Your Mind 100 #496-500


1. Name something that some kids wear to school that should not be worn to school.

2. About how many pages would the perfect library book have?

3. Do you have an attic in your house?

4. Do you have dry skin?

5. Why do you think birds have feathers?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Most things kids wear to school.

2. About one hundred, as many as my favorite book.

3. Sort-of, I guess you could call it an attic.

4. Yes, I have very dry skin.

5. To keep them warm and to help them fly.

Speak Your Mind 78 #386-390


1. Do you like nuts?

2. What is something that confuses you?

3. What should teachers wear to school?

4. Why do you think witches are always female?

5. Why do you thin men have been in charge of companies so much more than women?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Yes, except wall nuts, those taste like chalk.

2. Subatomic particles, I get the principals and understand how the work, but their just weird.

3. What they wear anywhere, preferably a little more professional but not necessarily.

4. Because Wizards are male. No, it probably has to do with the fact that all men are afraid of women and are looking for ways to demonize them.

5. Because women have less time to run companies than men because they are busy keeping the species alive.