Migraines are a Problem

Working title: “Migraines are terrible for everything ever”

Yesterday (as of me writing this) I had a migraine, which is all I feel like talking about right now, because it’s all I can feel in my head. I can’t really concentrate on any other article I was going to write. So I’d just like to say that migraines are the worst thing ever, ever.

And they aren’t just headaches. When I get a migraine, I lose vision sometimes, I throw up a lot (and I don’t throw up like an average person, my whole body heaves), I get really cold, I can’t stand light, and my perception of the world is just generally clouded. Sometimes the funk can last for weeks, preventing me from doing any type of work or play because one false move and I’ll go back to feeling like there’s an axe in my head.

I might be exaggerating saying migraines are the worst thing ever. I’m sure there are more terrible things, but don’t underestimate migraines. The main “attack” only lasts less than 6 hours for me most times, but can last up to a week, and the after-effects for much longer. I can’t even begin to comprehend the pain of having a longer headache, let alone what goes with it. It’s one of the most frustrating things, because there is so little you can do to stop it, most medications are hit or miss, and many people are undiagnosed. And it’s made all the more frustrating because the more you get frustrated at it, the worse it gets or the easier to becomes to trigger. And almost anything can become a trigger.

What I’m trying to say is, a migraine isn’t just a “bad headache”. It can be, but very often it is something much more than that, and when someone is having a migraine that they know is a migraine, it is very important to work to help, or accommodate them as much as possible.

I was in a migraine-induced funk for all of February and November in 2014, which lost me two months of work which I still haven’t recovered. Fortunately, I was ahead. I lose about a month of work a year, and more time with friends, (because that involves activity and not being at a desk) to migraines, and for some people it is much worse.

Don’t underestimate their power in some peoples’ lives. They can influence a lot of decisions, and when having a migraine, they can feel like the worst thing that could ever possibly happen to you. I get fear responses when I know I’m close to one. My body gets ready to try and fight it because it knows it can’t run away, of course you can “fight” a headache.

Seriously, they’re terrible! That is my announcement, and all I can think of right now.

Speak Your Mind 87 #431-435


1. Do you think the governor of your state is doing a good job?

2. Would you rather a coat button or zip?

3. How old are you?

4. Why do you think it hurts so much when you get a tiny piece of dirt in your eye.

5. Have you ever sat in a hot tub at a hotel?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Rick Perry? No, not really, but he isn’t terrible.

2. Button honestly.

3. I am 16.

4. Because your eye is important and your brain makes you hurt more when important stuff can be damaged.

5. No, I don’t like hot tubs.

Yahtzee Feelings

Imagine this: you’re sitting, nice and comfortable in your plastic house. It’s dark, but you don’t have eyes so that doesn’t matter. Your life is a calm bliss. It’s just you and your four friends. None of you can move or speak, but they are your friends, you go everywhere together, you live together. And suddenly, light begins to shine into your little home, although since you don’t have eyes, you don’t notice. What you do notice is the tremor that goes through your house and the surrounding area. Suddenly you’re being lifted into the air and violently shaken around. Soon after you are thrown onto a hard surface where you wait a few cold moments and then are thrust back into your home to repeat the process.

Man, being a Yahtzee die must suck! I mean, it has to, did you not read the previous paragraph? That would be terrifying. We’re constantly abusing these dice for our own amusement. Is that right? Should we be doing this?

But what if the top paragraph was wrong? What if the dice love to be thrown? It is their purpose in life after all, why shouldn’t they love it? If they were created to be rolled and rolled and rolled, shouldn’t a life of stillness be torturous to them. But then what of ambition? What of the occasional die that just wants to be something more?

I don’t know, and since we can’t as of yet converse with dice we may never know. So the choice is yours. You can continue rolling your dice to your heart’s content. Or you can lock them away and hope they have a peaceful life. Either way you may be condemning them to a life of torture. You’ll never know if you were right or wrong. You’ll just have to live with your decision and hope for the best. Just something to think about next time you play games with your family.