Speak Your Mind 70 #346-350


1. What did you have for dinner (supper) last night?

2. What is something that upsets you?

3. Have you ever been in a hospital for more than one day?

4. What do you think about marriage?

5. Why do you think birds in minnesota fly south for the winter?

ANSWERS By. Austin Smith

1. A hamburger.

2. Ignorant people.

3. Thankfully no.

4. The bonding of two people so that they can better serve the state and each other, yeah I like it.

5. To keep warm.


Speak Your Mind 47 #231-235


1. Have you ever had a broken leg?

2. Should kids be spanked when naughty?

3. Do you now how to change the spark plugs in a car?

4. How do you feel about windy days?

5. What hospital were you born in?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. No, I have never broken a bone.

2. Of course.

3. Yes, but I have never done it.

4. I don’t particularly like them.

5. I have no idea, it was in a suburb of Dallas.