Speak Your Mind 170 #846-850


1. Have you ever lost a fingernail or a toenail?

2. Do you think rich people are happy?

3. What do you think about adoption?

4. What month would you most like to be married in?

5. What is the most fun thing you have ever done in history class?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Yes, I believe I have lost one of both, but they didn’t quite fall off, they more were smashed.

2. Yes, but not all.

3. I think that people willing to adopt are great people and that the people who might have left their children for adoption are irresponsible.

4. Probably July, because my birthday is also in that month and it’s a nice summer month.

5. When I was not doing history and just drawing.

Speak Your Mind 143 #711-715


1. Do you like answering these questions?

2. Do you use a lot of facial expressions when you talk?

3. Do you ever find that you get the yawns when you don’t even feel tired?

4. do you think you are basically a happy person?

5. Do you ever have trouble remembering which is your right hand?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. I’ve gotten to #711 haven’t I?

2. I don’t know I can’t see them.

3. No, I’m always tired when I yawn.

4. No, not really, I am depressed a lot, and work far too hard to compensate, but I’m not particularly sad I think.

5. No, I remember both my hands fine.

Happy Birthday Bruce

bruce colvin .1bruce with motorcycle

The man pictured above in both photograph and cartoon form is Bruce Colvin. He recently passed away in April and this July would have been his 70th birthday. I’m not posting this on his exact birthday because I’m not exactly hurting to share that information.

Bruce was a friend of my family since before I can remember; I can’t remember very long, but still. He stayed at our motel before moving out here and working on a project house of his. From what I understand, previously he was a professor in New York City before his move. He never discussed this with me, but I’m glad that he was. He seemed to me one of the best possible people to have as a teacher.

He never did talk to me directly about much, likely because I was never the only one talking to him, and because I was a kid, and talking wasn’t my forte. We did have several very interesting conversations about my cartoons as those progressed and came into book form. He was fascinating to talk to and just as fascinating to listen to. I wish I was able to recall more of the conversations for which I was present.

He drew an indescribably wonderful picture for my mother’s birthday, spurred my brother’s interest in motorcycles, and always thought of everyone wherever he went. If he saw anything that reminded him of you he would either get it, or, being unable to, inform you in great detail of its existence.

Like I said I didn’t converse with him much, but I will back the sentiment of everyone whom I have talked to about him posthumously; that he was not ‘a very kind person’ or ‘one of the most thoughtful people’ but that he was ‘the most kind and thoughtful person I knew”.

My drawing is not that great but I drew it because I wanted it drawn. Happy late birthday, Bruce.

Speak Your Mind 91 #451-455


1. Do you like to go to fireworks on July 4th?

2.What do you do to cheer yourself up?

3. Do you like pumpkin pie?

4. What is you favorite thing to do on a weekend night?

5. Why do you think hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades were picked to be on cards.

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. Sometimes, but I like to do them myself more.

2. Work, but that seems contradictory.

3. Do I? Its may favorite kind of pie.

4. Play board games with fiends.

5. Well, they weren’t always that, they came from shields, cups, swords, and clubs, and then evolved into the shapes we see today, most likely because they were easy shapes to draw and differentiate from each other.

Speak Your Mind 63 #311-315


1. What is your favorite meal in the school cafeteria?

2. Is it a good idea to have a pop machine for students to use during school?

3. What did you have for breakfast today?

4. Are you afraid of spiders?

5. Do you think poor people are happy?

ANSWERS By: Austin Smith

1. When I went to school it was pizza.

2. I hate the idea of giving anything remotely good to students seeing as I graduated two years early just to get away from them so, no.

3. I didn’t have breakfast today, I had a bagel and some eggs at one o’clock. (I got up at eight)

4. Not until they’re on me.

5. Depends on the poor person. I’m sure some are and some really, really, aren’t.